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Canada Work Visa


Planning to immigrate to Canada? We don’t blame you. Ex-pats consistently say that the quality of life out in Canada is second to none. But before you head off to book your flights, you need to think about getting a visa. It’s your golden ticket to living and working in Canada.


What is a Canada work visa?

Most people planning to immigrate to Canada require what is usually referred to over there as a ‘work permit’. You will need a work permit while you await a decision on permanent resident application. There are certain types of jobs which do not require a work permit. A full list of these jobs can be found on the Government of Canada’s website.


How long will it take to get my Canada work visa?

Processing times vary depending on the country you are planning to immigrate to Canada from. As a guide, it can take around two months for the authorities in Canada to process a work permit application from a UK immigrant. Applications from other countries can take longer.


How do I get a Canada work visa?

Applying for a Canadian work permit can take time and energy. It’s also important that you provide the right information to give yourself the best chance of success. We have a dedicated team who can make applying for your work permit (and finding a job) in Canada a breeze. Our experts can explain your options to you in easy-to-understand detail, helping you make an informed decision about the best route for you. Find out more about our services [contact details inserted].


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