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Website copy for Pixel Hero (Bristol web design agency)

The brand — more than a web agency
Pixel Hero is a boutique, Bristol-based digital marketing and website design and development agency specialising in e-commerce, brochure sites and landing pages. After a decade within the walls of larger agencies, the team has worked with BT, DHL, National Trust, AXA, Matalan, Warehouse, Lyle&Scott, JJB Sports, Cycle Surgery, The Perfume Shop, The Range and LV. The brand relaunched in March 2017 and director, Richard Edwards, called on Craig to help solve his content conundrum.

Challenge — summing up and aligning tones
Pixel Hero needed all its content rewritten in a singular, distinctive tone of voice, rather than a “mismatch of tones” and disjointed content which didn’t capture its full range of services. The agency’s work goes above and beyond most web design and development, and its previous copy was long-winded, convoluted and used a disjointed collection of voices and styles.

Delivery — restructured content, snappy headers (and testimonials)
I reworked and simplified the existing content, pulling out the brand promise and purpose; spelling out the problem and adding personality. I also interviewed some of Pixel Hero’s clients and stakeholders to nail the brand.

A word from the author — a challenging job which made me evolve
Richard made me work hard on this, which made me evolve. He challenged me to pick out the benefits from the bewildering plethora of technical features. Richard also knew his sector well. He knew what he wanted, and he didn’t accept the first or second drafts. Third time lucky. A job well done for a complex brand. Best of luck to you, Pixel Hero.


“You re-categorised, re-ordered and restructured all our content, adding snappy headers then rewrote it all using a tone of voice to match what I was after. You also got me some great and well written testimonials by contacting clients of mine. It’s bang-on the tone I was after and goes really well with our new branding. I’ve had many people say they love the new site, which is in part down to the catchy titles and headers written. I really love it. What you did that was different from other writers was speak to clients, family, friends and so on to get a real understanding of people and the business from the customers’ eyes rather than just doing what you thought suited the brand.” RICHARD EDWARDS, DIRECTOR

To READ MY COPY, please visit the Pixel Hero website (I wrote every word). And here’s a sample >

[Home] Welcome to simplicity

Attention spans are dropping. Competition is soaring. You know that. To build your sales, reinforce your brand and fascinate your audience, you can’t you afford to skimp on your website. You probably know that too.

But finding the right people to trust with your website is a huge burden — this stuff can be so complicated, right? Not really. Welcome to simplicity. We’re straightforward folk. We never dramatise, overstate or lay it on thick. We don’t do bewildering or bamboozling.

What we do is help you transform your website into the hardest-working asset in your digital marketing toolbox. That’s what we do (and we’ve been doing it for more than a decade). Welcome to Pixel Hero.

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E-COMMERCE > Building slick, scalable online sales machines since 2006.

WEB DESIGN > Connoisseurs of magnificent, traffic-converting websites.

DEVELOPMENT > Reliable business partner for fixes, upgrades and add-ons.

MARKETING > Digital marketing knowledge meets design & tech knowhow.

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