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Website copy & video scripts for My Digital Hero

If your online marketing efforts need rescuing, then you need a hero…

…My Digital Hero.

We use our superpowers to help you promote yours.

Our heroic skills include:

designing amazing websites,

producing awesome animated videos,

creating outstanding content,

managing your social media

automating your email marketing

and taking care of all those confusing acronyms like SEO, CRO and PPC.

But our favourite superpower of all is our ability to turn ideas into realities.

Who needs X-Ray vision when you have our creative vision?

So don’t continue your battle alone in the digital world. Let My Digital Hero save the day!

Get in touch with our team of creative heroes today, and find out how our superpowers can supercharge your business…



My Digital Hero is a full-service marketing agency, specialising in animated video. Initially, I was asked to create the video script for a promotional video. The client was so happy with the tone and theme that I then created all the website content plus a further 12 video scripts. The site is still under development and I can not wait for it to go live.

The client has since invited me to work on several marketing projects for their clients and we have built an excellent working relationship.

Client feedback: “Lisa is the best copywriter I have had the privilege of working with. Her unique versatility and attention to detail shine through in all her work. From creative writing, proofreading and script writing – Lisa can do it all. I highly recommend her services.”


Ben Locker



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