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Dealing With Finances in a Divorce or Relationship Breakdown
Why a 50/50 division of financial assets is just a starting point

While we’d all love to believe in happily ever after, statistics show that a high percentage of marriages will end in divorce. When you also add the number of cohabiting couples who split up, there is a very real need to address the issue of the division of financial assets from any long-term relationship.

The emotional impact of a relationship breakdown is difficult enough to deal with. Even where the split is mutual and amicable, there will inevitably be some major changes involved, such as potentially moving out of the home that you shared and dividing up your finances.

Due to a number of high-profile cases, England has gained something of a reputation as being fairly progressive when it comes to matrimonial law and the financial aspects of divorce and separation settlements. Although the principle is that the court will aim for a 50/50 split of assets in accordance with the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973, in fact there is no set formula to apply when calculating financial settlements, and these can vary significantly depending on the specific circumstances of each case.


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