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Counselling for young people, children and families in Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire

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Welcome to Way In, the confidential youth and family counselling service serving the Dacorum, Three Rivers, Chiltern and South Bucks regions. We’re here to help if you or a young person you know is struggling with how they feel at the moment, or is having problems with friends, family or school.

Are you stressed out with issues at school or at home? Are you anxious, depressed, angry or scared and just need someone to talk to who’s not related to you or someone you already know?

Or are you a parent or guardian worried about a young person in your family? Is your homelife one of constant arguments, shouting and slammed doors? Modern life can take its toll on families in ways we can’t anticipate, much less handle. The result is relationships put under sometimes intolerable stresses and strains, causing mental health issues, breakdowns, arguments and misery.



Helen Say

CBL Services Ltd


18 Swan Mead
Hemel Hempstead

07956 282002

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