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Website/package copywriting for Treleavens Luxury Cornish Ice Cream

I’m looking at 11 different ice cream tubs on my kitchen table. They’re full of Treleavens Luxury Cornish Ice Cream, which is being rebranded for a national retail launch. “Write about these,” says the owner of Falmouth agency, Hush Creative, Ian Walden. “But keep it short.” (He was much less blunt than that, I’m paraphrasing).

 Ian is a designer with stacks of experience. But he also values words, as long as they’re kept to a minimum. That’s fine by me. Armed with Treleavens’ brand guide (produced by Hush), and a stack of sumptuous images (from a shoot directed by Ian and partner, Tracey Bishop), I set about interviewing the boss of the company, Mark Chrusciak.

Treleavens copywriting Blue Scribe

A ‘beguiling sensual safari’

Mark tells me: “If you’ve dined at some of Cornwall’s illustrious restaurants and cafes, chances are, you’ve already savoured our sorbets and ice creams; we just haven’t shouted about it, until now.” Well, I’m not much of a fine diner, nor an ice cream fan…but I’m about to become one.

It’s February 2016. The 20-year-old company has no retail presence. Its branding needs an overhaul to position it among the high-end brands in the freezers of delis around the country. Mark also wants to re-point Treleavens’ sub-brand (Cornish Scoop) at the same time. I get the brief mid-Feb; Mark wants the site and pack copy in time for ExpoSouthWest (March 1, 2016). Time for some ice cream, and a “beguiling sensual safari.”


Treleavens copywriting Blue Scribe

The ‘cognoscenti of elegance’

The best part about this job is the creative direction. The sumptuous photography and contemporary, classy brand design on thenew Treleavens site is out of this world, and Ian’s vision is lucid. Normally I create my own brief, brand guide, tone of voice, tagline…the whole shebang. This is different, and exciting. “The guardians of refinement…the cognoscenti of elegance” could just as easily have applied to Hush as Treleavens.

“We loved Craig’s detailed, face-to-face, interview-based approach”

To cut a long story short, it works out better than anyone expects. When I send the website copy (no more than 60 words per page) and flavour descriptions (in two versions, 15 and 50 words each), Ian says: 

“We are all about relationships here at Hush Creative both with our clients and our associates, so we loved Craig’s detailed, face-to-face, interview-based approach. After a meeting with us to clearly understand the brief, Craig was keen to meet Mark in his working environment to ask all his questions, which were quite numerous and very thorough.

“Then he left to work his magic (and sample the ice cream). With a tight deadline to work to the copy was nailed with the first draft, and, after one or two very minor tweaks, we all absolutely love the copy.”


Frozen in time

I can now add ice cream to my list of food brands, and product description/packaging to my quiver of skills. Thanks Ian & Tracey for believing in me, and, thanks Mark, for the kind words (and the ice cream). These words will indeed by frozen in time.

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