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White Paper on Renewable Energy for Companies


A how-to guide to overcome the challenges affecting your role and become a modern Energy Manager

The energies we use are changing. The price of oil fell below $30 a barrel early 2016 and the chances of going back to the lofty highs of $100+ seem remote.

Shale gas is threatening oil’s undisputed dominance. Renewable energies are coming more to the fore. Recently, Portugal ran on renewable energy alone for four consecutive days (yup, the entire country) and Germany generated almost 90% of its entire energy needs from renewables for one day. Fossil fuels are increasingly looked upon as completely undesirable.

Sustainability has become such a crucial issue for companies. More people will increasingly choose one company over another because of their green credentials. And apart from all that companies spend about one third of their costs on energy.

In a globalised, more competitive marketplace, where prices are coming down, every cent saved counts, and so the onus is on you as your company’s energy gatekeeper to keep it ahead of the pack. Are you ready to step up and upgrade to you 2.0? If so, keep on reading.

We’ve written this white paper especially for energy managers who are looking to level up; to get ready for what’s coming, because like it or not, your job is changing and will continue to do so profoundly. The most adaptable professionals who are willing to welcome change are the ones who thrive, so let’s get stuck in.

With this paper, you will learn how to embrace the below five evolutionary shifts to your role and your environment, and with our help, you will be on your way to becoming the energy manager master that you aspire to be.


Timothy Woods

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