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Wording for Stocc It food packaging

Flavour Japanese Sesame and Sea Salt
Messaging and recommendation Reflect the simplicity and tradition of Japanese cuisine. Their culture is heavily influenced by Buddhism and Zen – awareness and liberation, which could be included somehow in the tagline. It is also known as the Land of the Rising Sun, and places great emphasis on mastery of techniques such as crafting and cooking. I think the Zen theme below is a strong one.
Suggestions for SoP ·         Say Open Sesame to our Sesame & Sea Salt flavour!


·         Master the art of Japanese cooking with our Sesame and Sea Salt recipe


·         Find your Zen moment with our Sesame & Sea Salt seasoning


·         Bring some washoku to your kitchen (traditional Japanese cooking!)


·         Want to taste Japan? With Stock It you can!


·         Discover food the Japanese way – with Sesame & Sea Salt seasoning mix


·         Discover the unique flavours of Japan with Sesame & Sea Salt – Stocc It now!


·         Japanese Sesame and Sea Salt marinade from the Land of the Rising Sun


·         Bring the flavours of the Far East to your kitchen with Stocc It! Sesame and Sea Salt seasoning




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