Member Spotlight Features

James Walsh – ProCopywriters member spotlight

21 August 2017

James Walsh, copywriter

“Be patient. Don’t blog unless you have something to say. And don’t be a sycophant — Twitter’s great and all, but nobody likes a suck up.”

Gillian Jones – ProCopywriters member spotlight

14 August 2017

Gillian Jones, copywriter

“Make sure you’re paid what you’re worth. Place a value on what you do, or no one else will.”

Sue Kelso Ryan – ProCopywriters member spotlight

07 August 2017

Copywriter Sue Kelso Ryan

“Don’t see other copywriters as the competition; they’re your best source of
information and advice.”

Lisa Derrick – ProCopywriters member spotlight

31 July 2017

Copywriter Lisa Derrick, and her daschund, standing in front of a blue door.

“Take breaks and don’t neglect the things that keep you feeling creative and inspired.”

Danielle Auld – ProCopywriters member spotlight

24 July 2017

Copywriter Danielle Auld

“Value every contact you make as you never know when they’ll need your skills.”