The Professional Copywriters’ Network can help you build a network, find work and excel as a copywriter.

But how?

PCN is just the start…

Firstly, you should know that PCN makes a great partner to your other marketing efforts, but PCN is unlikely to bring you much work in isolation.

Use your PCN membership alongside marketing efforts like your own website, social media and networking. See our advice on Marketing for freelance copywriters

How PCN can help your career

We’ll go through these in turn, but in brief, PCN has a number of features that can support you:

Your PCN profile

Clients are looking for copywriters like you. So are you showing off your best side?

Your PCN profile is a powerful tool that can help you find work. But only if you make your profile look professional and complete.

Why not check your profile now?

Your profile should include:

  • Description of your skills and experience
  • Your USP – why are you better than other copywriters?
  • Contact details – consider including an email address so clients can easily contact you
  • Links to your website and social media profiles (website links are only displayed for Pro members)

Activate your email address

We won’t share your email address by default. If you want to give potential clients your email address, you have to select this option when you edit your profile.

Update your profile regularly

Your PCN membership makes an excellent addition to your marketing efforts, especially if you keep it up-to-date. You may want to add details of new experiences, skills or qualifications.

And if you’re a Pro member, don’t forget to update your portfolio.

Compare the competition

Browse the member directory and check out the competition. What are your peers doing well? How are your peers helping potential clients choose them? Are they making it easier for clients than you?

Browse the PCN directory of copywriters now. 

Blog for PCN…

Have you written for the PCN blog yet?

Writing for PCN is a great way to amplify your voice, get known among your peers and build your reputation.

As a PCN member, you are invited to use our platform to share your words.

Why write for PCN?

PCN has…

  • 2,000+ members
  • 3,000+ email subscribers
  • 5,000+ Twitter followers
  • Thousands of visitors each month

What to write…?

You can write about (almost) anything!

You could write about your…

  • approach to finding clients
  • experience of copywriting
  • latest copywriting discoveries
  • greatest grievances
  • favourite copy/book/conference etc etc

Since starting in 2012 we’ve published more than 300 articles on all manner of topics.

Will you be our next contributor?

How to submit a blog post

Click the ‘Submit a blog post’ link when you’re signed in – and get writing!

Use the forum

Copywriting can be a lonely business. Copywriters are often the lone voice barking about the words.

The PCN forum is a friendly space just for copywriters. And it’s private too, only available to PCN members.

What is the PCN forum good for?

You can use the PCN forum to ask questions or share tips.

You might ask about…

  • finding work
  • dealing with clients
  • getting paid
  • matters of style
  • pricing
  • or anything else that only a crowd of copywriters can answer.

Chat to copywriters on Slack

Slack is a messaging app. You can use the Slack website, or download the app for iOS or Android devices.

Visit Slack.com to get the app.

PCN has a private Slack channel that we use to discuss work, share jokes and generally enjoy the support of our peers.

Apply to join the PCN Slack group

Get featured in the PCN member spotlight

Have you had your turn in the spotlight?

The PCN member spotlight is a weekly feature that shines a light on a different copywriter from our ranks.

We want to share your story.

You might be just starting out, or you might be highly experienced. Or you might be somewhere in-between. Wherever you are in your copywriting career, we want to hear from you.

The member spotlight articles are a wonderful catalogue of copywriting lives. Stop by and take a peek at your peers.

Browse the PCN member spotlights now.

Taking part is easy. Just email editor@procopywriters.co.uk to request the questions.

Reasons to appear in the PCN member spotlight

  • Get known by your peers
  • Sharing your story is cathartic
  • Link to your website

Advice from PCN

Got questions about copywriting?

The Pro Copywriters Help & Advice section aims to answer your questions about copywriting and freelancing.

We already have pages about:

Can’t find an answer to your question? Email editor@procopywriters.co.uk to request more information.

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