BB-8 Robot from the film Star Wars: The Force Awakens moving across a green carpet. 20 Sep 2017

Abbie Pullman wants to know why we still get all starchy and buttoned up when it comes to business writing.

Kathy Sharpe, Copywriter 18 Sep 2017

“I’ve realised that a lot of people don’t actually know what copywriting is. So I suppose it’s our job to bang the drum about how important it can be, and the benefits it can bring!”

A woodland path. 13 Sep 2017

To specialise, or not to specialise? Gillian Jones shares her experiences and views.

Business writing tips for easy and effective results by Robert Bullard 06 Sep 2017

Anna Gunning’s thoughts on Robert Bullard’s collection of “170 punchy tips” for effective business writing.

A stack of 4 doughnuts with pink icing and hundreds and thousands on top of each one. 30 Aug 2017

Andy Nattan’s handy guide to making sure you’re copywriter of virtue.

Sanina Kaur, copywriter 28 Aug 2017

“Develop a thick skin and don’t take things too personally if your copy gets
changed, it’s all part of the process.”

A hand writing on a blank piece of paper with a green pencil 23 Aug 2017

Tips from Timothy Woods to help you make sure your copy does what it’s supposed to.

James Walsh, copywriter 21 Aug 2017

“Be patient. Don’t blog unless you have something to say. And don’t be a sycophant — Twitter’s great and all, but nobody likes a suck up.”

Aerial shot of a road snaking across a winter landscape. 16 Aug 2017

Birgit Diggins shares some of the ways that ProCopywriters has helped her build her copywriting business.

Gillian Jones, copywriter 14 Aug 2017

“Make sure you’re paid what you’re worth. Place a value on what you do, or no one else will.”

An aerial shot of a sea shore. 09 Aug 2017

Sarah Russell explains why gender inequality in copywriting isn’t just about women not being confident or speaking up.