A display of bottles and cans of craft beer produced by Craft Metropolis 19 Jul 2017

Chris Bilko explains how he helped a craft beer club boost its number of subscribers.

Headshot of copywriter Karen Marston 17 Jul 2017

“I don’t get it when people say they love having written, but hate doing the writing. I’m like, no my dudes, the process is the fun part.”

White neon words on a wall 12 Jul 2017

Sophie Deal shares 10 words she’d love to have at her disposal.

A big, red heart painted on a group of people's palms 05 Jul 2017

“You’d think that the voluntary sector would be a safe place to find satisfying work with nice clients. That’s not always the case.”

Person typing on a MacBook. 30 Jun 2017

Give your blog posts an SEO boost with these tips from Tim Woods. 13 Jun 2017

Share your copywriting case studies with the PCN audience.

12 Jun 2017

“Simply by scattering the alphabet across the page, I have the ability to change people’s lives.”

09 Jun 2017

Claudia Benetello shares her experiences of transcreating copy from one language into another.

16 May 2017

Want to earn more and work less? Andy Maslen has a few suggestions for you.

11 May 2017

Elma Glasgow shares the genesis of her decision to return to freelance copywriting after a few years away.

08 May 2017

“I love researching and writing about topics that teach you something new.”