Webinar recordings

Catch up with past webinars from ProCopywriters. Every month we’re joined by a new copywriter, trainer or marketing expert to learn new skills and develop our careers.

Facebook Ads – an Introduction

Copy Clinic with Katherine Wildman

Shoptalk: Understand Your Audience (with Al Robertson)

SEO best practices – Tim Fidgeon

Shoptalk: Writing for the Web (with Al Robertson)

Book Report: Contagious – Why Things Catch On

What is blockchain? – Tim Fidgeon

UX Principles – for Copywriters – part 2 – Tim Fidgeon

Shoptalk: Pricing (with Al Robertson)

UX Principles – for Copywriters – Tim Fidgeon

How do People Read Online? – Tim Fidgeon

How do people read online – part 2 – Tim Fidgeon

Social Media Guidelines – Tim Fidgeon

7 Critical Copywriting Techniques Every Marketer Must Know – Henneke Duistermaat

Creative Thinking Techniques for Copywriters – Tim Fidgeon

Email Marketing Basics – Tim Fidgeon

How to Write Better Headlines – Richard Spencer

Behavioural Science – the EAST framework – Richard Shotton

Find Freelance Work-Life Balance – Emma Cownley

Search Engine Optimisation for Copywriters – Kelvin Newman

Lean Content Marketing – Jo Duncan

Decision-Making and Motivation – Tim Fidgeon

Persuasion Psychology for Copywriters – Tim Fidgeon

Richard Shotton – The Pratfall Effect

Quality Control for Copywriters – David McGuire

The Business of Copywriting – Jackie Barrie