Webinar recordings

Catch up with past workshops from ProCopywriters. Every month we’re joined by a new copywriter, trainer or marketing expert to learn new skills and develop our careers. Some sessions are less formal and designed to facilitate discussion and the sharing of ideas. You can also find talks from previous Copywriting Conferences.

Testing Taught Us – CopyCon 2020

Evaluate Copy Quickly – CopyCon 2020

Value Propositions – CopyCon 2020

Overcoming Perfectionism – CopyCon 2020

Before Copywriting – Andrew Boulton

Ask the Copywriter: Francesca Catanuso

Facebook for Business (How to Get Leads and Sales)

Keyword Research for Search Engine Optimisation

How to Use Twitter for Business

How to Use Instagram for Business

Create a Social Media Strategy

PPC and SEO introduction

From Freelancer to Agency

How to Create an SEO Editorial Strategy

Facebook Ads – an Introduction

Copy Clinic with Katherine Wildman

Shoptalk: Understand Your Audience (with Al Robertson)

SEO best practices – Tim Fidgeon

Shoptalk: Writing for the Web (with Al Robertson)

Book Report: Contagious – Why Things Catch On

What is blockchain? – Tim Fidgeon

UX Principles – for Copywriters – part 2 – Tim Fidgeon

Shoptalk: Pricing (with Al Robertson)

UX Principles – for Copywriters – Tim Fidgeon

How do People Read Online? – Tim Fidgeon

How do people read online – part 2 – Tim Fidgeon

Social Media Guidelines – Tim Fidgeon

7 Critical Copywriting Techniques Every Marketer Must Know – Henneke Duistermaat

Creative Thinking Techniques for Copywriters – Tim Fidgeon

Email Marketing Basics – Tim Fidgeon

How to Write Better Headlines – Richard Spencer

Behavioural Science – the EAST framework – Richard Shotton

Find Freelance Work-Life Balance – Emma Cownley

Search Engine Optimisation for Copywriters – Kelvin Newman

Lean Content Marketing – Jo Duncan

Decision-Making and Motivation – Tim Fidgeon

Persuasion Psychology for Copywriters – Tim Fidgeon

Richard Shotton – The Pratfall Effect

Quality Control for Copywriters – David McGuire

The Business of Copywriting – Jackie Barrie