Chris Kenworthy

11 December 2012

Swimming in a sea of research

Lego diver on the sea bed

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When I harp on about the benefits of hiring an objective freelance copywriter to write sales and marketing content, I suggest that some clients are too close to their product or service.

And it’s their intimate relationship that renders them unable to write clearly and in a way that’s easy to understand for everyone else.

But as assiduous copywriters we too must swim the same seas as our client to inform accurate and authentic copywriting. We immerse ourselves and resurface saturated with industry lingo and complex worldviews of our clients’ customers.

Just how deep can we dive into research without drowning?

It’s an interesting dilemma: by being thorough we risk pumping out the same old bilge as before.

So at what point does a sea of knowledge turn into a watery grave for ill-fated voyages of discovery by committed copywriters?

Personally I keep going until my head feels hot. But I suspect not all copywriters share the same instinct. So I put it to our community:

How do you know when you’ve done enough research to begin your copywriting?

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Jo Flower

July 22, 2014 at 9:21pm

How do you convince clients (who don’t want to be) that they are too close to their products to write objective copy?