20 Feb 2017

“I love the fact I can be researching and writing about skincare products one minute, and pregnancy sickness the next.”

13 Feb 2017

“In my experience, it’s your portfolio that potential clients are most interested in – they want to see concrete evidence of your copywriting skills.”

06 Feb 2017

“Going for a walk helps to switch off the conscious mind so that dormant solutions can rise to the surface.”

30 Jan 2017

“I’ve always enjoyed writing, since I was a child, and I get to do it for a living.”

24 Jan 2017

“Copywriting is a career that brings a lot of enjoyment into my life.”

17 Jan 2017

“Clients do business with people they like, and they refer people they’re confident won’t ruin their reputation.”

09 Jan 2017

“Never give up. Even though it can be difficult to get started as a copywriter.”

03 Jan 2017

“Stretching yourself is the key to growth and improvement.”

12 Dec 2016

“I get a kick out of selling an idea that has a positive impact on people.”

05 Dec 2016

The best way to fail is to try and please everyone.

28 Nov 2016

“Know your value. You’ll have trouble convincing others if you don’t believe it yourself.”