Member Spotlight

31 Oct 2023

Sophie Lain – ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“My manager at graze told me to think about every meeting as money, so an hour’s meeting with five people is five hours of company money. Is it worth it?”

05 Sep 2023

Shaun Weston – ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“Corporate buzzwords can sneak up on you. One week, they’re original. The next, they’re everywhere and your copy is out of date.”

Photograph of a young white woman with curly brown hair. She is smiling as she props her face in her hands.
22 Aug 2023

Corinna Keefe – ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“Talk to other copywriters! I know it can be intimidating, but even just chatting to a few people on LinkedIn can be helpful. You can learn from their skill, their experience, and their advice.”

12 Jul 2023

Rob Hainsworth – ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“I’ve been a creative and copywriter since I was 24 and don’t know any different. I wouldn’t want it to be different either.”

Jackie Barrie
05 Jul 2023

Member Spotlight Revisited

“I have been freelancing since 2001 so I’ve had plenty of time to build my contacts, profile and reputation.”

12 Jun 2023

Julia Howe – ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“As writers, we’re only as good as the quality of the brief and information at our fingertips.”

05 Jun 2023

Fran Morgan – ProCopywriters Member Spotlight Revisited

“Teamwork definitely makes the dream work, and fuels creativity”

29 May 2023

Melissa Hobson – ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“I love translating scientific studies into stories that inspire members of the public”

15 May 2023

Mel Barfield – ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“I enjoy the journey and the evolution of ideas”

24 Apr 2023

Ettie Bailey-King – Procopywriters Member spotlight

“I became an inclusive and accessible copywriter because words do so much more than reflect the world: words help create reality”

10 Apr 2023

Lucie Rhoades – Pro Copywriters Member Spotlight

“Keep a folder of all the positive feedback you’ve received for those wobbles and keep smiling, it’s all experience”

03 Apr 2023

Member spotlight – James McCann-Ellerington

“Find a way of working that suits you.”

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