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    Bringing destinations to life is my jam. Travelling isn't merely an annual vacation; it's a lifestyle I relentlessly pursue. And it's this passion for exploring that drives me to craft vibrant and impactful content for my clients. Content that's absolutely stuffed with the colours, flavours, and stories I've collected from 17 years of exploring the world. My services include: ✔️ Copywriting ✔️ Ideation ✔️ Naming ✔️ Narratives ✔️ Blog posts ✔️ Tone of voice ✔️ Feature writing ✔️ eBook/guide writing If you’re a business in the travel or tourism sector or a brand whose narrative is rooted in your location, I want to write for you!

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    Here’s my key selling point. My bread-and-butter skillset. I like talking to people. No jargon, no waffle – just honest-to-goodness conversations about what you have to offer your client base. It’s an invaluable skill. Because if we can convey how beneficial – even transformative – your product or service is, in plain English that packs a punch, you’re on to a winner. Here’s the issue for you, though. Few people can write that adeptly. There’s a knack to turning industry spiel into lively, sparkling copy. See, I’m terrible at all sorts of things. Drawing. Cooking. Competitive sports. False modesty. I am, however, pretty darn good at expressing myself. Give me complex information and I’ll transform it into a reader-friendly blog, or press release, or homepage, or brochure. Maybe a white paper or ebook, if we’re feeling ambitious. Unlike an AI app, I can natter with an executive and instinctively work out what readers will like about their product. With a reporter’s doggedness, I’ll sniff out the information I need, then serve it to readers in a way that holds their attention. Heck, I’ll even throw in some well-placed jokes if you like. If you’re a SaaS business or fintech firm that’s reaching out to customers, for instance, or anyone in the market for case studies, white papers or a ghostwriter, then I’m ideal. The strange part is, I’m a physics graduate. Half of me’s precise and analytical, so I’m a diligent, methodical researcher with an eye for detail. Oh, and an information sponge. The other half, meanwhile, is a bit arty, a bit creative. I mean, I wrote an acclaimed book about Orwell that readers singled out for its jaunty prose. Mix these elements together and what do you get? More sales! Those wonderful conversions you dream about! Because who wants to trudge through boring content from a wordsmith with a “that’ll do” attitude? As a writer and editor, I’ve been intimately acquainted with brevity, clarity and accuracy for three decades now. A turning point came in 2010 when I joined CNBC Business magazine in London. When I wasn’t writing features, I was rewriting our international correspondents’ articles in colloquial English. More recently, I’ve used this skill to research and write advertorial supplements, executive interviews, thought leadership pieces, case studies and news stories for Elite Business magazine. Not to mention high-profile advertorial sites for CNBC! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s yack!

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    The freelance copywriter who writes the words that work wonders.

    I'm going to level with you. I don't like writing about myself (which is ironic, given that I'm a copywriter). Sure, I could've filled this page with some generic drivel about how great I am. But who wants to read that contrived nonsense anyway? Let's talk about you. You've got a business to run. Clients to win. Products to push. Services to sell. Campaigns to conquer. Brands to build. You need the right words to make things happen. Words that excite. Engage. Inform. Persuade. Words that dance off the page and waltz into the minds of your audience. Words that make them stop, think, and act. The right words work wonders – the wrong words don't work at all. That's why I obsess over them as if my life depends on it. From long-form to short-form, every word counts. Every word has its place. Every. Single. One. So if you're lost for words, let me find them for you. Portfolio: Email: Phone: 07713240394

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    Need to reach new customers? But no marketing team? I’ll work with you to create the ideal content for your audience. Whether you sell tech, software or SaaS to other businesses, it's essential to strike the right balance with your marketing. Because to attract new customers, you've got to show that you understand your audience's challenges and how you've helped similar businesses. And above all, you need to convince prospects you're the right choice. Let me help you with content and copy to do precisely that. How I can help you 📌 Case studies - Close more sales using persuasive customer success stories 📌 White papers - Establish your authority with informative content for decision-makers 📌 Articles - Explore complex topics without patronising your audience 📌 Website copy - Create the right first impression with a website you’re proud to share About me I specialise in writing compelling case studies, copy and content for B2B tech, software and SaaS companies. Over the years, I’ve written for software developers, SaaS providers, IT consultants, managed service providers, cyber security specialists, telecoms suppliers and many more. Also, I've spent over 20 years working in IT and technology for Accenture, Visa and other big brands. ⭐ "Rob utterly nailed the case study brief I gave him. He's surpassed any expectations I had, and what he produced will be invaluable for my business." ⭐ Nick Shaw, Always Networks Next Steps Want me to write for your business? Email or hit the 'Send an email' button at the top of this page. Looking to find out more about me and my work? Visit my website

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    Website not converting? Newsletters never opened? Nobody liking your social posts? As a brand voice expert, I write personality-packed content for B2C brands that creates a human connection and gets people excited about your business. Whether you need help creating brand voice guidelines, updating your website copy, improving your SEO or no longer feeling like it's pointless writing emails, articles and social posts people aren't reading, speak to me. Why? Because I infuse the same electrifying POP! 🎉 WHIZZ! ⚡ BANG! 💥 energy you experienced the first time you chucked popping candy in your mouth into everything I write. When that happens, your customers will stare at you wide-eyed, like kids in a sweet shop armed with a platinum credit card, drooling over every single piece of content you put out. Nice! I've written: 💥 Dead chatty websites 💥 Rib-tickling social posts 💥 Pun-tastic product descriptions 💥 Fun email funnels 💥 Awesome articles - and loads more. Go on, add a bit of POP! 🎉 WHIZZ! ⚡ BANG! 💥 to your written content. Visit my site, DM me or send an email to: My website is at (rebrand in progress). ----------- WHAT IS POP! 🎉 WHIZZ!⚡BANG! 💥 ? PW&B are the three core pillars of my writing: POP! 🎉: Grab your customers' attention with headlines, subject headers and engaging opening lines that POP off the page. WHIZZ!⚡: Stir their emotions with WHIZZ-fast storytelling, persuasive words and relatable pain points that tug at the heartstrings. BANG!💥: Deliver an irresistible message that hits your audience between the eyes with a BANG, persuading them to take action.

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    Working with you to find the right words and ideas to make your brand sing. I can help your brand communicate in the most powerful, appropriate and engaging way possible. Whether that's finding the right tone of voice (or fixing what you’ve got), persuasive copywriting or big ideas that work across multiple media, I make every word count. If you'd like to discuss a project and how I might help you, please get in touch. I'm a good listener and quick to understand your business, brand and tone of voice issues. I take those insights and find ways to help you tell persuasive, memorable stories about your brand. COPYWRITING & BRAND WRITING – Over the years, I've written millions of words for hundreds of brands. I understand how to communicate in any medium – from brief to concept and execution. TONE OF VOICE & VERBAL IDENTITY – creating and fixing tone of voice and building verbal identities for brands is at the heart of what I do. I worked as Head of Verbal Identity at a brand consultancy for five years and I'm skilled in finding and executing the perfect tone for all kinds of brands including Ordnance Survey, Bentley, Jaguar, Rolls-Royce, HMRC, RNIB and P&O Ferries. BRAND STRATEGY – I create joined-up thinking for brands and I’ve helped many companies clarify and communicate their brand strategy and purpose. I create detailed, useful and usable brand guidelines that tell your brand story simply and effectively, which makes putting it in to practice easy. You can also trust me to steer your brand and verbal identity from a consistency point of view, translating it into persuasive messaging and campaigns. Clients include Ordnance Survey Leisure, Crunch, Napier AI, Atelier Ellis and JosephJoseph. BRAND NAMING – My approach to brand naming is simple and objective, using a tried and trusted approach that takes the potentially crippling subjectivity out of the process. I’ve created names for Rova, McLaren, Sayara International, Shake Climate Change and Liberty Steel. I've been lucky enough to work with everyone from bootstrapping start-ups to international behemoths and every stripe of client between. Even if I haven’t worked in your sector, I will have worked with brands that faces similar challenges. If you'd like to discuss a project and how I might help you, please get in touch. Recent projects include: • Tone of Voice guides for Renishaw (international engineering group) • Brand Naming and Tone of Voice for Rova, a dog food supplement brand • Brand naming for Liberty Steel • Copywriting for F1 recruitment • Tone of Voice guides and training for Roxhill Media • Brand tone of voice and copywriting for Jabra headphones and speakers • Brand naming for Sayara International (NGO) • Brand & Tone of Voice refresh for Crunch Online Accountants - champions of the self-employed • Campaign copywriting for Ordnance Survey Leisure • Brand Tone of Voice for HMRC - making the contents of those manila envelopes a less scary • Brand voice development, brand writing and web copywriting for Oyster Yachts • Brand positioning, tone of voice development and guidelines for Ordnance Survey Leisure brand • Tone of Voice development for Glenfiddich, the world's leading single malt whisky • Creating a Tone of Voice for the international PR and communications agency Hill+Knowlton • Tone of Voice and positioning development for multi-sensory agency Condiment Junkie • Brand naming and tone of voice for Shake Climate Change • Developing vision and purpose statements for an innovation foundation Nesta • Developing Tone of Voice guidelines and copywriting annual reports for RNIB • Copywriting website and brochures for Italian kitchen appliance company Bertazzoni "Ed writes beautiful, endlessly flowing words. If I had to sum up his unique offering, it would be his chameleon-like ability to find the brand voice and write in an absolutely authentic tone. Most importantly, he always writes copy I want to read to the last full stop." Piggy Lines, Creative Partner, Carnage

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    Bringing places, spaces, products, and services to life with clear, enticing and informative writing that inspires your audience to act. Because when you use just the right words you can do brilliant things. You can paint a persuasive picture. Tell your story, excite, and sell dreams. You can inform, win hearts, and entertain. Evoke a thought or a feeling, build trust, and even change minds. So, whatever your message. Whatever your aim, let me find the essential words you need. And with the writing taken care of, you can focus on the stuff you'd much rather be doing. Just think, no more writing woes. ✨"...with such a complex message, clarity was essential. You have succeeded where we had struggled and the brochure and documents you've written are pitched perfectly." ✨ Peter Tyler and Gordana Mandic, Directors, Tyler Mandic Ltd - Architects, Chelsea. Hi, I'm Andrew – a freelance copywriter who'll bring a fresh perspective to your copy. A writer of friendly, evocative and informative copy that'll capture your audience's interest. Paint a picture. Stir their imagination. And maybe their emotions too. It's the kind of copy I love writing. But more importantly for you, it's also rather effective. Why? Because the more your message stirs the imagination or evokes a thought or feeling, the more it'll engage and resonate with the reader. You'll draw them into your world. And make a lasting impression. All of which helps you create a deeper connection and build trust with those who share your vision and values – your ideal audience. As well as inspiring them to do more. Such as to buy from you, volunteer, hire your services, visit, call you, read more, donate, come and explore … ✨"Thank you so much, Andrew - this is great! You’ve really nailed the evocative copy we're after. And with so many options for taglines, we definitely have that part of the project covered too." ✨ Emma Mathias, Bradshaw Taylor - the home of luxury outdoor clothing and country lifestyle brands. At this point, you might be wondering why I write for such a variety of sectors. Well, before becoming a copywriter, I worked as a freelance landscape and location photographer. Producing editorial and commercial images, I specialised in photographing Britain's natural landscapes, architecture, gardens, and heritage locations. All things that genuinely interested me. And still do. So it made perfect sense to make these my copywriting niches too. After all, it seemed a shame to waste all that experience and interest. ✨“What can I say? Your words took me on a journey. I was fully engaged and absolutely loved the writing style!" ✨ Toni-Ann Bird, Director, Guild House Estate Agents Ltd So, what would you like me to write?

    I can help you with...

    📌 Advertorials / Advertising Features / Promotions 📌 Blog posts and Articles - Search Engine Optimised (SEO) 📌 Brochures, Booklets, Flyers, Guides, Leaflets, Postcards, Posters... 📌 Case Studies 📌 Direct Mail Sales Letters 📌 eBooks 📌 Emails & Newsletters - promote, inform, entertain etc. 📌 Product and Alt-text Descriptions 📌 Taglines, Straplines and Slogans 📌 Web Pages ✨"Andrew ... Your work has been invaluable to us." ✨ Paola Bergamaschi, Christian Tagliavini Studio, Switzerland

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    ✅ I have a diverse copywriting portfolio. Projects include writing for... • Luxury outdoor clothing brands • Modern and period design properties • Designer watch and jewellery engraving • Garden design • Independent constructors/house builders • Architects • Garden retail • Photographers and Photographic studios • Fire safety and protection • CCTV and Security systems • Cyber-security • Business Resilience • Health and fitness • Photography tours and workshops, and • Architectural 3D digital modelling design/planning software platform ✅ I'm trained and qualified with a College of Media & Publishing (CMP) Diploma (with Distinction) in Copywriting. ✅ And a CMP Diploma (Distinction) in Google SEO. ✅ Plus I have close-on 10 years of experience writing illustrated articles and features for various UK consumer and trade magazines. ✅ And spent more years than I ever expected working as a freelance landscape and location photographer. The National Trust was just one of my many varied clients. And each of my photography specialisms helped shape my copywriting niches. So for friendly, evocative and enticing copy, that's... • Carefully crafted for your ideal audience • Clear and persuasive • Always engaging, and • Never dull Please get in touch. Visit my website (link below), send an email or give me a call - and tell me more about the words you're after because I'd love to write them for you! ✨"You have a wonderful natural style ... this is excellent - thank you. Just what we were hoping for!" ✨ Jo Shaer, Director, Lollipop - specialist Marketing Agency for Fire and Security sectors.

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    'Refreshingly different from the usual twaddle.' Or so one of my agency clients tells me. Hey, I’m Laura. I’ve been writing copy and content for well over a decade, parenting a wild child for six years, and failing to tame a crazy hairstyle for a lifetime. I’m a Leeds-based freelance copywriter. Business owners, like you, hire me to write and edit words that give your business personality and make you more money. You’re great at what you do. You’ve got fab ideas, you’re a laugh to be around, and you have a killer business approach that throws shade on your competitors. But if you’re a “synergy-focussed solutions expert with a passion for customer care”, no one’s going to have a bloody clue what you’re on about. Your copy needs to be free from naff jargon, full of personality, friendly to Google, and fire up your customers to think: ‘Hey, it’s YOU I need to buy from.’ But how do you do that? Hire a freelance copywriter and content writer, like me. I’ll save you time, reduce your stress and build your business with the words that sell your stuff to the right people. Nosy at my website for other people's opinions about me and how much I charge (let's be honest, that's what you want to know, right?).

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    Highly experienced millennial copywriter and marketing consultant. Read on if you need innovative, finely-targeted copy that works for your chosen audience! I offer all forms of copywriting services (both direct response and brand-led) as well as general marketing consultancy services, either on an ad-hoc or ongoing basis. I am happy to discuss projects in more or less any niche, and have experience of creating high-performing copy for a diverse range of industries and audiences. That said, like most professional copywriters there are a couple of industries and also demographics that I specialise in to a certain extent, due to a combination of both my own interests and extensive experience in copywriting for those niches. In terms of industries, my main area of specialism is within the private healthcare sector, most notably the cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetics field. Secondarily, I also have many years of experience and a huge portfolio of published work for clients in the veterinary and pet/pet care fields; generally pertaining to companion animals like dogs and cats, for both B2C and B2B clients. The target demographics that I find most interesting are also those that many businesses run into problems targeting and resonating with; firstly, millennials. Marketing to millennials and also the smaller, more obtuse grouping known as "xenials" (those born between around 1978 and 1983 and often described as having had an "analogue childhood and digital adulthood") are the demographic groups that I feel that I can claim the best "insider knowledge" of, and experience in targeting. Some of my most popular copywriting services include: • Website content, from landing pages to full site copy. • Blog writing. • SEO content writing for all applications. • Article writing. • Advertorials and promotional/sponsored article creation. • Composing white papers and eBooks. • Writing product descriptions and product category descriptions. • Brochure, leaflet, and poster text. • Brand naming and slogan creation. • Press release writing. • Sales emails and mailshots. So, whether you have a big idea and need a professional copywriter to make it a reality, if you just need a single sales email or blog post, or if you know that your content is failing to convert but don't know how to fix it, I can help. The results that can be achieved with good copywriting are tangible, measurable, and pay for themselves many times over. However, poorly written content or content that isn’t the right fit for your brand and its target audience will cost you clients and revenue. Don’t settle for second best. If you need help with copywriting or content writing and want to work with a responsive professional who delivers targeted, original content within your deadline, every time without fail – get in touch.

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    My name's Louise, founder of The Cove Copy. The cove is a place of calm and clarity. I create crystal-clear copy without the stress, saving you precious time and energy. I distil what makes you unique into copy that gives you the confidence to connect authentically with customers, nurture lasting relationships, and create a thriving business. With a background in healthcare leadership, I bring specialist expertise in health, wellbeing and personal development. My insights into what drives behaviour help me craft compelling copy for other sectors. 🌟 Trusted by clients “I felt a sense of reassurance in working with Louise. I would highly recommend her copywriting and pitching services,” Julia Wolfendale, founder of On the Up Consulting. “Louise really dug deep with me to uncover the compelling stories and made sure this matches my ideal customers and what I want to achieve,” Charlotte Holroyd, founder of Creative Wilderness ✍️ How I can help you Website copy: I distil your unique essence, helping you attract right-fit customers with ease. Emails: I craft email sequences to nurture your audience, taking them from passively aware to excited to purchase. Pitches: I curate compelling pitches that position you as an expert, helping you appear in publications and reach a wider audience.  Content writing: I take care of longer-form content like blogs to inform and inspire your audience and build that know-like-trust factor.  Marketing to the NHS: Drawing on almost 10 years of management experience in the public sector, I craft compelling copy that resonates with commissioners and helps you open doors to the NHS. 📱 Book a free discovery call Want to connect authentically with customers and create a thriving business? Get in touch to book your free discovery call. Email: Website: Copywriter | Website copywriter | Landing Page Copywriter | Email Copywriter | Content Writer

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    “Working with Jay was an absolute breeze...happy to recommend him to anyone needing a skilled and dependable copywriter”, testimonial from LinkedIn. 🤔 Looking for a real-life, living-and-breathing copywriter to freshen up your online content? Then let's join forces. My name's Jay. I write and edit marketing copy for small businesses that want to get found, noticed and loved online. My services are a LIFESAVER if you're... -too busy to write your own content, -fed up with staring at a blank page, -and sick to death of going round in circles with ChatGPT 😫 Instead, tell me what you need and I'll get it DONE FOR YOU. 💻 Your one-stop copy shop Whether it's generating more leads, boosting email open rates or ranking higher on Google, count on my results-driven copy to achieve your goals. I'll write and edit your: -Website -Email marketing -SEO Blogs & articles -Ads -Landing pages -Product descriptions -ChatGPT prompts & more All crafted to fit your tone of voice, target audience and marketing objectives. I'll also breathe life into your AI-generated content, so you can set yourself apart from the robotic words that plague your competitors. 'Cos let's be honest... ...they're all starting to sound the same, aren't they? 🏆 Trusted by 50+ businesses Why not join them? Team up with me and you’ll get a reliable, trustworthy and easy-to-work-with professional. One with 15 years' sales and marketing experience, who replies to emails and delivers the work on time and in style. ⭐️ Testimonials from LinkedIn ✅ 📱So. Shoot me a quick email to tell me what you need:

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    Hello there and thank you for taking a look at my profile, I’m an experienced, friendly, and flexible Freelance Marketing Copywriter. That means I write copy from a marketing point of view and consider what makes your customers want to buy. I have a Masters in Marketing, a degree in Psychology, and the experience and passion for using the right words to tell a compelling story. Who I work for Based in Goring-on-Thames, Berkshire, I work with blue-chip clients, marketing and media agencies, SMEs, and sole traders across the UK. What I can help with * SEO website content * Blog posts * Social media content and design of posts * Email campaigns * Newsletters - internal or external * Articles * Testimonials and case studies * Press releases * Award-nomination entries * Complaint response letters * Editing and proofreading anything from brochures to business proposals Why choose me Choose me for your business and benefit from an experienced and commercially aware marketing and copywriting professional who writes copy and content that delivers the results you need. I write motivating copy that persuades and resonates with your audience to encourage action and engagement with your business. I also develop content that educates, informs, tells your brand story, and entertains your readers to build trust and reassurance. As a healthcare specialist, I write clear copy that breaks down industry jargon and complex subject matter into easily digestible content. My blogs have been accredited by Findspot and my content is SEO optimised. I can also turn my hand to any other industry and bring a fresh approach to your communications. Let’s chat I offer a free 15-minute consultation to find out more about your copywriting needs and answer your questions. I quickly gain a full understanding of your company including your tone of voice, written style, and values so that I can write the distinctive and cohesive content that tells your customers what you have to offer and why they should choose you. Find out more about me, read my case studies, and book your free 15-minute appointment at: What my clients say about me “Helen is extremely professional and knowledgeable and adapts her writing style to suit various different media channels. Helen goes over and above to research subject matter and provides high-quality inspiring content, which is interesting and suitable for the varying audiences. I would not hesitate to recommend Helen to any of my contacts, she is easy to work with and nothing is ever too much trouble." Nicola Morgan, Regional Digital Marketing Southern Region, Ramsay Health Care UK. “Helen was a Copywriter for our biggest national client after being chosen as the lead copywriter for their blog. Her work was always spot on, perfectly aligned with the brief, and delivered on time. She has done an amazing job fulfilling very high client expectations. I would happily work with Helen in the future and would strongly recommend her." Kasia Bigda, Head of SEO, Greenwood Campbell I look forward to hearing all about your business and working with you soon. Portfolio: Email: Call: 07747 028436

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