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    I work with B2B customers, SaaS businesses and as an overflow copywriter for agencies. By creating well-researched, well-written content that earns its place at the table, I help brands to be heard above the noise of today's online marketing. I have worked with brands that include Hildon, IBM, Lenovo, Kaspersky, ServiceMaster, Twinings and Oxfordshire County Council, developing a reputation for delivering content that drives new business and really shortens that sales cylce. For more information visit or give me a call on 07920 440506.

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    Agencies, management consultancies, and tech companies trust me to distil their expertise into compelling content that converts customers. 🧁Ghostwriting blogs and articles for subject matter experts, who are time-poor but have sooo much knowledge and experience to share. 🧁Creating case studies to demonstrate the value delivered through the customer’s eyes (and written in a way that can be used in all content!). 🧁Repurposing events, webinars, and roundtable discussions into white papers that extend the life of a campaign. I’m also the only freelance ghostwriter who offers The Cupcake Promise.

  • I’m Danny Sutton and I’ve been an in-agency copywriter for 4 years at one of the UK’s leading SEO agencies — with a total of 5 years writing professionally. I specialise in taking complex topics and breaking them down into digestible chunks to make them more accessible for wider audiences — so everyone knows exactly what you’re talking about. Whether it’s light-hearted blog copy, B2B sales pages, or complex long-form guides, I’ve crafted compelling copy that has significantly improved the web pages of countless clients – that’s experience you can trust. When you hire me, you hire years of invaluable experience turning passive copy into text that works hard so you don’t have to. I believe in a no-nonsense approach to copywritng — if something needs to be said, it should be said clearly and concisely. Especially when you're dealing with complex topics. If you're interested in getting your brand coming across how you'd like it to, get in touch and we can talk through your goals and how we can help you get there!

  • Over the past ten years, I've created content for a range of industries — business, entertainment, healthcare, hospitality, fitness, retail, travel, technology — and everything in between. I'm proud to have worked with many prestigious brands, including Expedia, Lenovo, Red Bull, Microsoft and O2, and have ghost-written content for Esquire and Entrepreneur, among others.

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Hannah Rose

“I am at my best in the morning, so I try to schedule all creative tasks before lunch. If I’m struggling in the morning, I use the classic strategies of changing where I’m working from, taking a break, or exercising in the hope of a Eureka moment.”

Declan Morton, Copywriter.Declan Morton

“I’ve always enjoyed writing but I didn’t set up on my own account until 2019. At that point I had been teaching for nearly two decades and had become frustrated with the academy trust to which my then school belonged. I took a plunge and set up as a freelance writer.”

Jo Watson

“I wish we were all more honest when speaking to newer or younger copywriters and telling them what to expect in their career. It’s a hard job, it’s constantly evolving, and it’s still nowhere near as widely respected (as both an art and a science) as it should be.”

Abby King

“Let your work breathe. While it’s tempting to send over to the client once a piece is ready, I try to give it at least 24 hours (where time allows!) before I go back in, review and send.”

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