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    I'm a freelance writer, editor and comms pro and I work with two types of clients. 1. I help business owners connect with their clients through engaging blog posts, persuasive emails and impactful websites. With over 20 years of experience in corporate communications roles, I've become pretty good at getting to the heart of a story. I aim to help busy entrepreneurs stand out and make genuine connections with their clients. I spend time understanding you, your business, your goals and your challenges before any writing gets underway. That way, I can craft content that not only sounds like you and helps you build a genuine connection with your dream clients but also effectively communicates your services and USP. Once I understand your brand and objectives, I can work with you to create a PR strategy that increases your visibility, builds your trust and credibility and distinguishes you as an expert and thought leader in your field. Strategic PR will help you build stronger client relationships and can be a cost-effective way for small businesses to connect with their dream clients. If you want to stop feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to connect the dots to reach your dream clients, let's chat! DM me to set up a no-obligation call. To find out more, visit my website, 2. I work with corporate communication teams to support them at busy times or when they need writing support. I've spent my career working in busy, complex organisations so I know time is of the essence. I am skilled at immersing myself in a business, understanding the strategy and getting on with the task. I enjoy taking complex messages and turning them into meaningful and relatable content that truly engages internal and external audiences. My goal is to make your life easier. I write reports, webpages, and internal communications for several large organisations and charities. If you'd like to learn more, DM me or visit my website——where I have plenty of examples of my work to share.

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Hannah Rose

“I am at my best in the morning, so I try to schedule all creative tasks before lunch. If I’m struggling in the morning, I use the classic strategies of changing where I’m working from, taking a break, or exercising in the hope of a Eureka moment.”

Declan Morton, Copywriter.Declan Morton

“I’ve always enjoyed writing but I didn’t set up on my own account until 2019. At that point I had been teaching for nearly two decades and had become frustrated with the academy trust to which my then school belonged. I took a plunge and set up as a freelance writer.”

Jo Watson

“I wish we were all more honest when speaking to newer or younger copywriters and telling them what to expect in their career. It’s a hard job, it’s constantly evolving, and it’s still nowhere near as widely respected (as both an art and a science) as it should be.”

Abby King

“Let your work breathe. While it’s tempting to send over to the client once a piece is ready, I try to give it at least 24 hours (where time allows!) before I go back in, review and send.”

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