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    You’re a business owner. No, wait – creative director? Head of copy? Marketing manager? Recruitment consultant? (Look, I’m a freelance copywriter, OK? Not Derren ruddy Brown. Although we do share a hairline, I’ll give you that.) Anyway. Words matter in your role. In fact, your success depends on them. But it’s not strictly your job to write them. And even if you wanted to, you wouldn’t have the time. Too many deals to do. Pitches to win. Teams to manage. Clients to shmooze. So don’t sweat the scribbling. Leave it to me. And I’ll leave you to ace the rest. Deal? 📧 💻 See how I can help 🌊 Freelance copywriter in Brighton – that's me 💂🏼‍♂️ Need a freelance copywriter in London? That's also me (well, more or less)I needed to sound like a real person – a better written version of my spoken voice. I also really needed to remove confusion about what I do and provide for my three types of clients in a concise and likeable way. You’ve captured this really approachable yet sharp-tongued persona in the copy. It tells the story I knew my agency needed. Definitely no more confusion about who I am as a personality and what I can do for my clients. My website copy is now the perfect vetting tool I needed for prospective clients to read. Bloody brilliant!.” Sarah Kinsella, Founder, Louise Agency

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    Need words to solve problems, fire up imaginations, change minds? Words that give people outstanding customer service, razor-sharp product support or life-saving info? Words that inspire them to sign up, donate or call? You’re on the right screen. In over 20 years of writing and editing, I've marshalled words for diverse sectors, organisations and purposes. I've drafted key marketing messages, brand language guides, website content and microcopy. Much of my experience has been in education, health and wellbeing, professional services and technology - but that's far from an exclusive list. I’ve written on topics ranging from child health research and cloud computing to hypnotherapy and hospice care, to flood risk and fitness technologies. Although I do work on print materials, I specialise in digital projects. I keep up to date with trends in search engine optimisation (SEO), information architecture (IA), content strategy and user experience (UX). I talk to people, go to conferences and read the latest thinking. A trained journalist, I got my first digital content job in 1999. In the two decades since then I've worked as an online content writer and editor, a non-fiction book editor, a communications and website manager, and a website development project manager. I’ve been a freelance copywriter/technical writer, content designer and content strategist since 2009. I worked in the UK for just over 20 years and returned to Cape Town, South Africa in 2022.

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    I've been a copywriter since 2011, and specialise in saving people from website shame. You know the feeling... You give someone your business card, hoping they won't check out your website. I also deal with the fiddly business of on-page SEO — so your sparkling new content gets noticed by more people. And if you've been putting off writing blogs, whitepapers, case studies or anything that needs well-chosen words, put it off no longer. Ask me to do it for you.

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    I work with ecommerce brands and online entrepreneurs who want to make more money from email. If you have the feeling your email list isn't making you as much as it should, you're probably right. But here's the thing - most of your competitors aren't making as much as they should from email either. Right now, you have an opportunity to skip right ahead of them and up your conversions and revenue - just by sending a few emails. Of course, it's not quite that simple. I'll need to dive deep into your data and get to know your customers inside-out before I plan and write your emails. Here's what we might do: ✔️ A non-creepy abandoned cart sequence to bring those ‘oops I got distracted’ buyers before you lose them forever (if you don't have one of these yet, it's the surest way to see some quick success). ✔️ A post-purchase sequence designed to up your retention rates by giving your customers the appreciation they deserve. ✔️ A nurture sequence designed to move new subscribers from tentative interest to full-on fandom. ✔️ Regular broadcast emails designed to entertain, flatter, surprise and simply keep you right at the top of your subscribers’ minds, week after week. ✔️ A launch sequence for your new course or product that’ll have people battering down your order form to get in before the cart closes. What’s different about the way I write emails, compared to other copywriters and email marketers? I don’t rely on heavy design to do the work - the copy’s what counts (have you ever bought something because you liked the pretty colours in the email? Me neither). I write personal, story-based emails that allow your subscribers to laugh with you, cry with you and know that, when the time is right, you’ll be the PERFECT person for them to work with. It’s not about selling hard every day. It’s not about sending dull newsletters that never sell or even get read. It’s about selling through realness, connection and empathy. And having a bit of a laugh along the way too (because if you can entertain your audience, why wouldn’t you?). Does it work? I can tell you that I regularly achieve open rates of 80%+ on a nurture sequence, 50%+ on launch sequences and 40%+ on regular everyday broadcast emails. Click rates of 10 or 20% (sometimes more) are pretty common in my world too. I’m also told I’m pretty good to work with too, getting comments from clients like: “Alice is exceptionally talented and an expert in her field. She is intuitive, genuinely passionate about getting the best results for her clients and is very generous with her time. Her expertise is to be commended and I cannot recommend her work and her integrity highly enough.” And... “I couldn't recommend Alice highly enough as both a writer and a trainer! Alice turns plain copy into something exciting and enjoyable to read, her work is always on point and exactly what we need.” When you’re writing emails that need to sell without compromising your integrity, ethics or the trusting relationship you have with your audience, this is what you really need your copywriter to do: ✔️ Carry out deep research into your audience and what they believe, feel and want. ✔️ Gain a perfect understanding of the language your audience uses AND your brand voice. ✔️ Write every email with the intention of helping your audience believe that you’re the one that can help them have the life they want and deserve. When you work with me, I’ll kick off with a briefing call where I’ll dive deep into your business, audience and goals. I don’t have a standard briefing template or checklist - instead, I spend time before each call working out what unique questions I need to ask about YOUR business. That way, we don’t waste time talking about irrelevant stuff, and I don’t miss the good stuff I really need to know if I’m going to write copy that actually sells for you. So, wanna work with me? Awesome…. Just one thing I need to know first. Are you open to me writing emails that treat your subscribers like friends? As that's what I write - because who wants to read an email from a business when they could read one from a friend? And are you also open to emailing probably just a little more often than you’re 100% comfortable with? If so, we’re good to go. If you’d rather send out a fortnightly newsletter telling your subscribers about your latest team awayday, we’re probably not a good fit. You should probably also know that I tend to be pretty fully booked with long-term clients, so it’s worth getting in touch sooner rather than later if you’d like to talk about working together. I can sometimes squeeze in a small job within a week, but no guarantees. Waiting times for larger projects can be 4 weeks+. Ready to have a chat? Drop me a message to let me know what you think you need.

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    Digital content is more important than ever in the wake of the CoVID crisis. Customer behaviour has changed forever. Are you keeping your online content up to scratch? You can be sure that your competitors are! I am a Freelance Professional Copywriter with extensive background working in Business Management, Education and Media. Feel free to contact me about anything to do with website content, brochures, manuals, blogs, social media and much more! Whether you’re selling a product, promoting your cause, or educating your audience, it’s the words that you use that bring it to life in the mind of your reader. It’s what turns a good idea into a great idea. Great Copy Can Impress, Improve And Inform. That’s where I can help you. I can produce the creative and innovative copy that you need to promote your product or idea. It's not about using clever words, it's about using the right words. What makes me different from the competition? Well, I'm not just a writer, but someone with many years experience working in Sales, Marketing and Management roles, as well as Teaching and Education. I am also a Professional Musician! So, I have a real cross section of knowledge and skills that give me a well-informed insight into what engages an audience and interests the reader in your product or project. I am available to write on any subject, for any purpose, but in 2020 most of my work came from the Franchising, Education, and Hospitality sectors. Here you will see a good cross-section of my past work, but check my website, or contact me, for a more complete list. Feel free to get in touch, and we can have a free, no obligation chat about your project. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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    I'm a copywriter, freelance health journalist and content producer, writing for newspapers, magazines, websites and more. I have nearly 20 years experience contributing features to publications including The Guardian, The Independent, Healthy, Health & Fitness and Weight Watchers, while I also create content for websites, blogs and digital marketing campaigns for some of the UK's biggest brands such as Argos, Toby Carvery and Megabus.

  • Hi, I'm Connor. I'm a freelance copywriter specialising in SEO and talking like a human. Not just a one-trick goose, however. I have a proven track record of crafting persuasive and visually appealing copy for (almost) every industry under the sun. Marketing, medical, matchmaking, SaaS, you name it. My words persuade you to buy that £300 chocolate Alan Tichmarsh statuette for your nan, when usually a £1.49 Moonpig card would suffice. In short, I know how to speak your language and get your audience to buy your stuff. Here's my website:🌐 And here are some nice things people have said about me: “Connor’s creative input and copy helped us launch our ‘WAY’ campaign and connect with our target audience.” Claudia Sutton, Senior Recruitment Partner Rowlands Recruitment - “Connor created some witty promotional materials for our website and social channels. He captured our tone of voice perfectly and got people talking about Out & About”. Bino Rodrigues, CEO Out & About

  • Hi, I’m Amelie. I’m the writer who is going to craft the powerful copy your business needs. I need two things to create killer copy: a lot of coffee, and a deep understanding of your brand. You see, I’m passionate about finding that little thing that will make your leads melt. I’m a pro at showing off the deliciousness of your business.

  • I've been helping global brands and household names use good words to create a better customer experience for over 15 years. I honed my skills as head of brand language at one of London’s top communications and PR agencies, helping them to build a brand language team from nothing. I designed products and services to develop and deliver tone of voice, and created training programmes, guidelines, customer journey mapping and internal and external research programmes. I then moved to a specialist tone of voice agency, where I made sure the work was never less than top notch. There I worked closely with clients on global brand tone projects, digital communications and copywriting training. Now I head up Enough Said (, and am on a mission to help people use words well to bring their brand to life. I do this through brand language development, training, copywriting and content strategy and design.

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