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    "We are delighted with the results, and it has brought us extra business... I would highly recommend Crown Copywriting to anyone." Ian Southwell | Lead for Marketing and Innovation | The Colleges' Partnership "If you want great writing at an affordable price, go for Crown Copywriting." Tony Walker | Owner | Rockmount Hotel "Oliver's copywriting was not only thoughtful, insightful, professional and engaging, but his communication and stakeholder management were brilliant." Tommy Router | Senior Marketing Consultant | Good Growth -- When you hire Crown Copywriting, you work directly with me, Oliver Petts. I’m highly trained in copywriting and SEO content writing by some of the UK’s leading digital marketing institutes, with a background in teaching English as a foreign language. That means I not only help you make more sales, attract more customers and rank higher on search engines, but also make sure you look professional, reliable and welcoming while you do it. My services include: • SEO web copy. • Blogs and articles. • Brochures. • Business case studies. • Editorial and PR. • Product descriptions. • Proofreading and copyediting. I follow all briefs carefully and submit persuasive, engaging writing in excellent time. That makes it easy for you to reach your goals without worry. I also stay on top of copywriting, content writing and SEO trends with books, articles, podcasts and online courses. As a result, your copy always includes tested and proven techniques to make your brand irresistible. Since opening Crown Copywriting in 2020, I’ve enjoyed supporting businesses in a wide range of markets. Some of my favourite projects allowed me to: • Boost organic traffic and conversions with product blogs for an online gaming retailer. • Bring in new clients with a sharp, tasteful brochure for an apprenticeship training provider. • Establish brand leadership with well-researched, educational articles for a business management consultancy. • Write informative websites for hospitality, ecommerce, the NHS, and – of course – myself. Although my truest passion is promoting education, I’m skilled in sales writing for any audience. I’m also the ideal choice for industries related to my hobbies, such as: • Fitness, health and bodybuilding. • Psychology and mental health. • Manga and animation. • Video gaming. • Tabletop strategy gaming. My love for these lets me offer a level of energy and conviction you won’t find anywhere else. To learn more about Crown Copywriting, please visit You can also watch one of my presentations to experience the expertise I bring to your business first-hand. Or if you’re ready for your next project to become your next success story, please contact me right away.

  • I am a freelance ecommerce copywriter and content consultant specialising in fashion, apparel and lifestyle. I use my extensive knowledge within clothing, accessories and footwear design and confidence in technology to support independent designers, makers and business owners in presenting, selling and sharing their ideas online. Services I offer: - Product descriptions - Brand copy - Category copy - Collection launches - Newsletters (build and content) - Guidance on Shopify and Squarespace updates, including custom PDF guides - Journal pages and articles - SEO and keyword integration - 1:1 troubleshooting sessions

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Sophie Lain

“My manager at graze told me to think about every meeting as money, so an hour’s meeting with five people is five hours of company money. Is it worth it?”


“Corporate buzzwords can sneak up on you. One week, they’re original. The next, they’re everywhere and your copy is out of date.”

Photograph of a young white woman with curly brown hair. She is smiling as she props her face in her hands.Corinna Keefe

“Talk to other copywriters! I know it can be intimidating, but even just chatting to a few people on LinkedIn can be helpful. You can learn from their skill, their experience, and their advice.”

Rob Hainsworth

“I’ve been a creative and copywriter since I was 24 and don’t know any different. I wouldn’t want it to be different either.”

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