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    πŸ‘‹ Hello, I'm Miriam. I'm a freelance SEO specialist and content writer with a proven track record of helping SMEs grow their online visibility and attract the right customers through organic search. 🎯 My expertise: - Authoritative & engaging content: Website copy, blog posts, articles – written to educate, resonate with your audience, and drive action. - Results-driven SEO: Technical audits, on-page optimisation, and strategic guidance to improve your search rankings and organic traffic. - Flexible support: Need a day (or more) of focused SEO help? I'm available for that too. Let's have a chat. πŸ‘‰ Send an email to

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    If you want to make your business memorable, you need a copywriter who can write fun, chatty, human content that makes people listen to everything you have to say. You need content that's: 🟑 Human βšͺ️ Funny ⚫️ Impossible to stop reading Why? Because a tone of voice and content like that is what makes you stick in peoples minds. It's what makes them choose you! Hey, I'm Matt, a chatty brand copywriter and tone of voice consultant for B2B & B2C businesses with personality! If your: 🟑 Website isn't converting βšͺ️ Newsletters are never opened ⚫️ Social posts are rarely liked, shared or commented on 🟑 Products or services aren't getting snapped up Then, let's do something about it. Choose me and I'll write stuff that'll: 🚨 Connect with your audience 🚨 Make it clear about what you do, who it's for and why they need it 🚨 Compel them to take action 🚨 Sound flippin' amazing Everything I write is infused with the same electrifying POP! πŸŽ‰ WHIZZ! ⚑ BANG! πŸ’₯ energy you experienced the first time you chucked popping candy in your mouth as a kid. Get a tone of voice like that and you’ll have your customers drooling over every single piece of content you put out. Nice! So, if you need: πŸ’₯ Goolie-grabbing tone of voice guidelines πŸ’₯ Dead chatty websites πŸ’₯ Rib-tickling social posts πŸ’₯ Pun-tastic product descriptions πŸ’₯ Fun email funnels πŸ’₯ Awesome articles Let's chat! Visit my website at, send me a DM or email It doesn't matter what industry you work in, work with me and add a bit of POP! πŸŽ‰ WHIZZ! ⚑ BANG! πŸ’₯ to your copy.

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    A down-to-earth copywriter that works with brands and businesses to create sensational stories, fun-loving copy, and sticky content to get that message across to your target market. Get in touch for... πŸ’« Idea Generation πŸ’« Blog Posts and Feature Articles πŸ’« Web Copy and Landing Pages πŸ’« Product Descriptions πŸ’« Marketing Emails πŸ’« Press Releases I'm here to fire your product or service into the stratosphere and get those returns on your hard work. With my help, you'll be able to clearly show your customers just how good your idea, product or service is, and persuade them to invest. I specialise in music, food, culture, art, lifestyle, and e-commerce within B2C and B2B areas. I can adapt my writing magic in other areas too. I've written for PMT Online, Into Productions, Physical Synthesis, The Electric Future, Dungeon Mastering, The Paddle Shack, and a whole ton more. From Bands to Brands. Get in touch today. Contact - ---------- Testimonials πŸ’¬ "I have nothing but great things to say about Cam. He's a fantastic writer and has always shown interest in our project. Plus, he's a nice person to work with. I hope I can keep working with him for many years to come!" - Florent Fabre, Dungeon Mastering πŸ’¬ "Cam has supported my business for a number of years now. With excellent copywriting skills, he's worked on web copy, product descriptions, and blogs. His insight into writing has really raised my business profile. A great guy that's easy to work with." - Marc Best, The Scooter Co & The Electric Future

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Hannah Rose

“I am at my best in the morning, so I try to schedule all creative tasks before lunch. If I’m struggling in the morning, I use the classic strategies of changing where I’m working from, taking a break, or exercising in the hope of a Eureka moment.”

Declan Morton, Copywriter.Declan Morton

“I’ve always enjoyed writing but I didn’t set up on my own account until 2019. At that point I had been teaching for nearly two decades and had become frustrated with the academy trust to which my then school belonged. I took a plunge and set up as a freelance writer.”

Jo Watson

“I wish we were all more honest when speaking to newer or younger copywriters and telling them what to expect in their career. It’s a hard job, it’s constantly evolving, and it’s still nowhere near as widely respected (as both an art and a science) as it should be.”

Abby King

“Let your work breathe. While it’s tempting to send over to the client once a piece is ready, I try to give it at least 24 hours (where time allows!) before I go back in, review and send.”

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