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    Injecting personality into your finance copy. Hi, I'm Kaz, and I'm here to help you sound like a real, live human. Financial services are renowned for being straight-laced, jargon-filled, bamboozling labyrinths. But money is an incredibly emotive subject. I'll tap into that emotion for you, sprinkle in some magic from your masterful mind, and craft captivating copy. Whether it's case studies to maximise your social proof, articles to help guide your clients, or a web copy overhaul, I'm your girl.

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    Looking for nauseating keyword repetition, banal idioms, inaccurate statements and shameless duplicity? If so, you’re in the wrong place. Ready to transform your website content with high-quality copy that engages and sells? Congratulations! You are most definitely in the right place. What do I do? (the nutshell version) I write creative and engaging copy that promotes and sells products, services, brands and ideas. I work with small businesses, digital marketing agencies, charities, musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs across the UK. What qualifications and experience do I have? I have a degree in English Literature from the University of Exeter and I am a qualified teacher of secondary English & Drama. After graduating, I spent several years teaching English and Drama in high schools and colleges, before spending the following 15 years working in the third sector. Between 2003 and 2018, I co-founded three arts organisations and ran two small businesses. I was tasked with all content and copywriting for these initiatives, including website content, brochure copy, press releases, blog posts, evaluation reports, and advertisements. These experiences provided me with an excellent understanding of how non-profit organisations and small businesses are built from the ground up, and the critical role of effective written communications. I have learned that words can literally make or break a business or project. Although I have been heavily involved with writing about arts and music historically, I have in more recent years gained substantial experience writing about marketing, SEO, manufacturing, travel, retail, weddings, lifestyle topics, freelancing, and business advice. Much of this experience was acquired whilst working on content marketing and SEO for Bootcamp Media - a reputable digital marketing agency based in Birmingham. You can check out the portfolio on my website for a few examples of my copywriting, and you can read more about my professional history on LinkedIn. How can I help you and why should you hire me? Well, I understand how to grab attention with a captivating headline, and how to hold that attention all the way to a clear and powerful call-to-action. I also know how to write copy that is crisp and easy to read, that clearly communicates a central idea, that plants the seed of desire, and that compels the reader to take action. And I am able to manipulate language and weave words into a colourful textual tapestry that engages and demands attention. Furthermore, I am versatile and skilled at adapting my writing style and tone of voice, so that it is appropriate for the target audience, the client’s brand, and the intended objective. Whether you’re running an existing business or launching a new project, you’ll need to find the right words to communicate effectively and professionally with customers and partners. You will need captivating and compelling copy that conveys your message with simplicity, clarity, and precision. You will need to express your brand’s unique voice consistently, across all marketing channels. And you will need to implement techniques that persuade and compel consumers or clients to take the desired action. Whatever your product or service and whoever you need to sell it to, I can help. From SEO-optimised web copy to product brochures, I craft highly-targeted, impactful copy that resonates with your intended audience and crystallises your central message, clearly and concisely. I can help you to create a marketing campaign to be proud of; a website that captures your brand perfectly, and advertising that’ll get you noticed for all the right reasons. Words can create or destroy, delight or annoy, attract or repel, hinder or sell The best copywriting is effortless to read, but not so easy to write! While your marketing copy needs to be easy to understand, it also needs to be engaging, creative, informative, reassuring, confident, professional and original. Other crucial elements of good copy include hitting the right pain point, addressing potential concerns, and outlining convincing benefits before drawing in your ideal customer to a sale. I always discuss these elements with clients before starting work, so that I have a crystal-clear compass to guide me in the right direction when writing. Ultimately, whatever your product, service, topic or sector, I can bring a fresh perspective, compelling copy, and advanced marketing skills to your project, to ensure that your central message is communicated clearly and effectively. To sum up, here are a few reasons why you should consider getting in touch about your next project: • Affordable copywriting delivered on time and to budget; • Marketing credentials built up over 15+ years; • A versatility that enables me to adapt my writing style for a diverse range of audiences; • No project too big or small - from simple web page edits through to entire brochure copy; • Able to produce powerful website copy that drives traffic to your site and generates sales; • Skilled at finding the words that convert, I can help you to stand out in a saturated market; • Adept at researching and skilfully integrating the best SEO keywords to boost your search engine rankings; • Great user experience - I can produce the type of content your customers will want to read; • I always get great feedback about my copywriting from my clients; • I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and extremely conscientious when it comes to my work - I refuse to write keyword-stuffed nonsense or content for content’s sake; • I’m passionate about writing, and I have over 20 years’ experience of writing copy in a variety of contexts. What are my specialist topics? Over the years, I have covered a wide range of topics for a diverse range of clients, sectors and audiences. But even if I have never written about your product, service, topic or industry, it’s not a problem. I approach all projects with an objective perspective and a keen hunger for new learning opportunities. I can guarantee to quickly get up to speed, and write the copy you need. Anybody who knows me will tell you that I am a dogged researcher. In fact, I have often been told that I am curiouser than Alice. Admittedly, I have fallen down a few rabbit holes along the way, but over the years I refined my research methods and become skilled at quickly sorting the wheat from the chaff so that my writing is always informed by trusted, authoritative sources. SEO Content Websites that appear on Page 1 of search engine results do not arrive there by accident. Higher ranking can only be achieved by consistently posting fresh, high-quality, SEO-optimised content on all pages of your website. Blogging regularly can also be a great way to build awareness of your brand and drive traffic to your website. My extensive experience of writing SEO-optimised content for blogs and web pages has enabled me to help a wide range of clients across several industries to improve their search engine rankings. What is my pricing strategy? I am a great believer in fairness. I really want to ensure that my services are affordable for all customers, in line with whichever stage on their business journey they happen to be at. I also prefer to be upfront about the likely cost of the work I carry out for my customers. Of course, there will always be some slight variations – for example on larger projects where fees are often calculated a little differently. However, for many customers, the prices quoted on my website are an accurate guide as to how much they can expect to pay for their particular project. My hope is that by being open and transparent about my fees from the outset, entrepreneurs, charities and small businesses will be able to plan ahead more effectively and realistically. What copywriting services do I offer? I offer a broad range of professional copywriting services, whether you require content for print or online purposes. Here are the most frequent types of copywriting jobs I tend to undertake. If you require any other form of copywriting not listed here, please just drop me a line to see whether I can help. • Website content - from just one page to a complete site; • Blog posts; • SEO-optimised content; • Brochure copy; • Press releases; • Advertorials and promotional articles; • White papers and reports; • E-books; • Copy editing. Whether you need ongoing support or assistance with a one-off project, please do get in touch for an informal, no-obligation chat to see if I can help. Thanks for reading!

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Declan Morton, Copywriter.Declan Morton

“I’ve always enjoyed writing but I didn’t set up on my own account until 2019. At that point I had been teaching for nearly two decades and had become frustrated with the academy trust to which my then school belonged. I took a plunge and set up as a freelance writer.”

Jo Watson

“I wish we were all more honest when speaking to newer or younger copywriters and telling them what to expect in their career. It’s a hard job, it’s constantly evolving, and it’s still nowhere near as widely respected (as both an art and a science) as it should be.”

Abby King

“Let your work breathe. While it’s tempting to send over to the client once a piece is ready, I try to give it at least 24 hours (where time allows!) before I go back in, review and send.”

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“My manager at graze told me to think about every meeting as money, so an hour’s meeting with five people is five hours of company money. Is it worth it?”

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