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  • With a wealth of copywriting and content creation experience, I’ve had the pleasure of working with music companies, independent luxury hotels and boutiques, charities and more. I help to create and deliver effective communication strategies (online and offline), with a strong, clear, and creative directive. You can find examples of my work on In addition, I have a BA (Hons) in Art, Architecture, and Design History (when I discovered ‘Brands’, how they work and evolve). With a head packed full of words and ideas, I enjoy cooking, writing about food and drinks, and walking my beloved two dogs. Above all, my greatest pleasure (apart from writing and my family) is working with fantastic clients, especially helping them succeed, communicate and grow their brand (s). Keeping pace with the latest must-have products, services and lifestyle trends is a also guilty pleasure. In support of my love of all things food, I write a food and drink blog, Coffee and Food which is run independently. It's an off-shoot from the many years of working in and alongside the hospitality industry.

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Sophie Lain

“My manager at graze told me to think about every meeting as money, so an hour’s meeting with five people is five hours of company money. Is it worth it?”


“Corporate buzzwords can sneak up on you. One week, they’re original. The next, they’re everywhere and your copy is out of date.”

Photograph of a young white woman with curly brown hair. She is smiling as she props her face in her hands.Corinna Keefe

“Talk to other copywriters! I know it can be intimidating, but even just chatting to a few people on LinkedIn can be helpful. You can learn from their skill, their experience, and their advice.”

Rob Hainsworth

“I’ve been a creative and copywriter since I was 24 and don’t know any different. I wouldn’t want it to be different either.”

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