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    Working with you to find the right words and ideas to make your brand sing. I can help your brand communicate in the most powerful, appropriate and engaging way possible. Whether that's finding the right tone of voice (or fixing what you’ve got), persuasive copywriting or big ideas that work across multiple media, I make every word count. If you'd like to discuss a project and how I might help you, please get in touch. I'm a good listener and quick to understand your business, brand and tone of voice issues. I take those insights and find ways to help you tell persuasive, memorable stories about your brand. COPYWRITING & BRAND WRITING – Over the years, I've written millions of words for hundreds of brands. I understand how to communicate in any medium – from brief to concept and execution. TONE OF VOICE & VERBAL IDENTITY – creating and fixing tone of voice and building verbal identities for brands is at the heart of what I do. I worked as Head of Verbal Identity at a brand consultancy for five years and I'm skilled in finding and executing the perfect tone for all kinds of brands including Ordnance Survey, Bentley, Jaguar, Rolls-Royce, HMRC, RNIB and P&O Ferries. BRAND STRATEGY – I create joined-up thinking for brands and I’ve helped many companies clarify and communicate their brand strategy and purpose. I create detailed, useful and usable brand guidelines that tell your brand story simply and effectively, which makes putting it in to practice easy. You can also trust me to steer your brand and verbal identity from a consistency point of view, translating it into persuasive messaging and campaigns. Clients include Ordnance Survey Leisure, Crunch, Napier AI, Atelier Ellis and JosephJoseph. BRAND NAMING – My approach to brand naming is simple and objective, using a tried and trusted approach that takes the potentially crippling subjectivity out of the process. I’ve created names for Rova, McLaren, Sayara International, Shake Climate Change and Liberty Steel. I've been lucky enough to work with everyone from bootstrapping start-ups to international behemoths and every stripe of client between. Even if I haven’t worked in your sector, I will have worked with brands that faces similar challenges. If you'd like to discuss a project and how I might help you, please get in touch. Recent projects include: • Tone of Voice guides for Renishaw (international engineering group) • Brand Naming and Tone of Voice for Rova, a dog food supplement brand • Brand naming for Liberty Steel • Copywriting for F1 recruitment • Tone of Voice guides and training for Roxhill Media • Brand tone of voice and copywriting for Jabra headphones and speakers • Brand naming for Sayara International (NGO) • Brand & Tone of Voice refresh for Crunch Online Accountants - champions of the self-employed • Campaign copywriting for Ordnance Survey Leisure • Brand Tone of Voice for HMRC - making the contents of those manila envelopes a less scary • Brand voice development, brand writing and web copywriting for Oyster Yachts • Brand positioning, tone of voice development and guidelines for Ordnance Survey Leisure brand • Tone of Voice development for Glenfiddich, the world's leading single malt whisky • Creating a Tone of Voice for the international PR and communications agency Hill+Knowlton • Tone of Voice and positioning development for multi-sensory agency Condiment Junkie • Brand naming and tone of voice for Shake Climate Change • Developing vision and purpose statements for an innovation foundation Nesta • Developing Tone of Voice guidelines and copywriting annual reports for RNIB • Copywriting website and brochures for Italian kitchen appliance company Bertazzoni "Ed writes beautiful, endlessly flowing words. If I had to sum up his unique offering, it would be his chameleon-like ability to find the brand voice and write in an absolutely authentic tone. Most importantly, he always writes copy I want to read to the last full stop." Piggy Lines, Creative Partner, Carnage

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    With over 30 years of expertise in creating engaging user experiences, I've delivered content and thought-leadership for the Cabinet Office, Metropolitan Police, Cancer Research UK, PwC and other clients.About meI'm a Senior Content Designer & Strategist with 30+ years' expertise spanning digital, print, and broadcast media. I have worked for blue chip clients such as the Cabinet Office, DWP, Metropolitan Police, PwC and Cancer Research UK.What I doUser-centric strategy: Crafting content that resonates, driving conversions and engagement.Seamless journeys: Building intuitive end-to-end user experiences for trust and loyalty.Data-driven impact: Leveraging analytics for targeted content and enhanced visibility.Conversion focus: Designing compelling content for tangible actions and results.Multi-platform proficiency: Tailoring content for diverse channels.Expertise & resultsTurning complex processes into intuitive, user-friendly journeys.Quoted in reputable publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, FT, Reuters and Investors' Chronicle.Led impactful B2B and B2C projects.Skilled in UX, SEO, service design, graphic design and more.What I can do for youEngaging ad copy: Compelling ads and advertorials driving clicks and conversions.Email campaigns: Nurturing leads, driving sales.Content audit: Boosting visibility and user experience.Persuasive website copy: Enhancing engagement and conversion.Captivating product descriptions: Highlighting features and benefits.Conversion-optimised landing pages: Encouraging action.Impactful social media content and strategy: Amplifying brand presence.Informative blog posts: Establishing authority, attracting traffic.Compelling case studies: Demonstrating product/service effectiveness.In-depth whitepapers: Showcasing industry expertise, generating leads.Attention-grabbing press releases: Announcing news, events.Effective video scripts: Conveying messages convincingly.Concise brochure copy: Showcasing offerings persuasively.Persuasive direct mail content: Driving offline engagement.Comprehensive eBooks and guides: Educating and engaging.Targeted PPC ad copy: Relevant and effective ad campaigns.Sales collateral: Supporting sales with impactful materials.Strategic content planning: Aligning content with brand goals.SEO-optimised content: Enhancing search engine visibility.Consistent brand messaging: Resonating with the audience.TOV and style guides: Creating effective brand communication.Training and coaching: Upskilling your in-house team.Let's connectBased in London and Narbonne in France, I'm ready to collaborate on your project. Let's chat!

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    14+ years crafting engaging content that converts, compels and puts the user first. 🌟 UX/UI writing 🌟 Content design and strategy 🌟 Brand storytelling 🌟 Journalism and editing My work has spanned editorial and advertorial copy for high profile digital media titles; in-store POS, multi-channel marketing and onboarding journeys for global retail brands; UX and UI writing for apps and websites, plus content strategy, KPI analysis and project management.

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    📌 Copywriting partner and strategist for international companies, ambitious agencies, and intelligent marketers. - - - - - - - - - Do you need clear, powerful copy that keeps attention -- and gets results? Nota Bene Copywriting helps international companies produce marketing material that makes a measurable impact. We work in tech, sports, finance, manufacturing, and more. We're trusted by clients in 19 countries across EMEA, APAC and NA. Here's why: 🚩 Fixed-price costs. No more worrying about how much time your team is spending on a task they don’t know how to do. 🚩 Convenience and speed. We’ll give you a clear timetable for your copy. Most small jobs are completed within a week. 🚩 Detailed research and depth of thinking. From voice-of-customer data to scouring industry reports, we’ll make sure your copy has all the authority you need. 🚩 A flexible approach. Access strategic support -- or task us with a straightforward copy request. 🚩 Director-level involvement and oversight on every project. - - - - - - - - - Here's what we do: 💼 Corporate copy Detailed research processes. High-level interview experience. A commitment to plain English principles. And a collaborative approach that keeps your stakeholders happy. You’ll get the copy you need in the style you want -- with all the detail you expect. 💵 Conversion copy Data-driven messaging built on exactly what your leads and customers say and think. Your copy will reflect extensive voice-of-customer research, including surveys, interviews and user testing. Because when you get inside your prospect’s head, your conversion chances soar. 💡 Creative copy You’ve already got design that wows. Your accounts team has built solid client relationships. If you could just tighten up your copy game, you’ve got the lot. When space is tight, you need copy that sings -- however short the tune. - - - - - - - - - Get in touch today. 🌎 - - - - - - - - - "Here’s what I can honestly say about working with Nota Bene Copywriting: we were very, very happy about our decision." *** "Neil's been wonderful to work with. His experience and the quality of his work speaks for itself. But as a small, fast-moving team, we also need people who are responsive, reliable, and don't need hand-holding. Neil hit the ground running... and we're so glad to have him in our reach." *** "As a business, we have technically complex products and we serve a diverse set of audiences. That's why having Nota Bene Copywriting as an approved supplier is so valuable to our entire marketing team... We know we can trust Neil with anything." *** "When we need writing skills we can trust, we head straight to Nota Bene. Our work involves complex and technical subjects, as well as in-depth interviews with senior business leaders. Nota Bene delivers. No hassle, no difficulties: just great writing and a service to match."

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    The freelance copywriter who writes the words that work wonders. I'm going to level with you. I don't like writing about myself (which is ironic, given that I'm a copywriter). Sure, I could've filled this page with some generic drivel about how great I am. But who wants to read that contrived nonsense anyway? Let's talk about you. You've got a business to run. Clients to win. Products to push. Services to sell. Campaigns to conquer. Brands to build. You need the right words to make things happen. Words that excite. Engage. Inform. Persuade. Words that dance off the page and waltz into the minds of your audience. Words that make them stop, think, and act. The right words work wonders – the wrong words don't work at all. That's why I obsess over them as if my life depends on it. From long-form to short-form, every word counts. Every word has its place. Every. Single. One. So if you're lost for words, let me find them for you. Portfolio: Email:

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    I'm a London-based freelance communications consultant and copywriter with 16 years of experience. From inspiring thought leadership to strategic brand development, I've helped clients such as Dyson, Virgin Media Business, Ordinance Survey and National Grid ESO build their profiles and reach the right people. As strategic thinker with extensive brand experience, I can help you find clarity in a competitive world that’s become noisier by the day. From consumer electronics to finance, sustainability to telecoms, I help businesses communicate authentically and effectively through thought leadership, marketing, PR and internal communications. Having held multiple senior in-house and agency communication roles, I’m safe pair of hands who can bring both gut experience and a considered approach to any project. My writing has appeared such the Observer, the Financial Times and the Huffington Post.

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    After creative copy that converts? Hi, I'm Melissa. I specialise in scriptwriting for TV, radio and video commercials. What you get from me: -Great communication and a quick email response time. -A fixed price per project and my terms of service, with no hidden charges. -Original writing in keeping with your brand’s tone of voice and maximised for search engine optimisation. -Flexible delivery times while managing a high volume of work, to match your schedule. -Fast turnover of work, never compromising on quality. I'm familiar with working with all kinds of companies, from household names such as H. Samuel and Fraser Hart, to smaller local businesses and original startups. Check out my portfolio below for some samples of my writing. Like my style? I also offer a wide range of other copywriting services to suit your business needs, including tone of voice guidelines, product descriptions, ghostwriting, web and blog content, email marketing, and social media posts. I'd love to discuss your project. Visit, get in touch via the contact form, or email, and I’ll get back to you asap.

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    My name is Catherine, and I specialise in education and technology copywriting, editing and marketing. I am a CIM-qualified former university Marketing & Communications Manager, turned freelance copywriter and editor. I write and proofread marketing materials and website content: • brochures • annual reports • blogs • prospectuses • case studies • website content • general promotional copy I have recently completed (with distinction) a diploma in copywriting from The Blackford Centre. Clients include: Xerini (software and AI technology company) British School Dhahran (Saudi Arabia) The London School of Economics and Political Science: • Department of Methodology • International Inequalities Institute • The Confucius Institute for Business London • Department of Government • LSE Careers • LSE Executive Education • LSE Data Science Institute I am a motivated, flexible & collaborative freelancer and I can help you keep to your deadlines and achieve your marketing goals, whether your business, university, college or school marketing project is large or small. Please take a look at my website for more information: *Testimonials* “Catherine worked with us to edit complex academic material into concise and accessible case studies, and the result was great! Catherine was quick to respond, friendly to work with, and produced excellent content. It’s been a pleasure working with her on this project.” — Maddie Giles, Communications and Events Manager, Department of Government, The London School of Economics and Political Science “I appreciated working with Catherine for her professionalism, quick turnaround and flexibility in working on our project!” — Martina Zuccarella, Executive Education Advisor and Community Manager | Confucius Institute for Business London

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    Your organisation does incredible things. But without a clear, consistent communication strategy, your customers won’t truly understand what you can offer them. And that’s where I come in. I am a London-based freelance copywriter who can help you to explain what your organisation does, the goods you sell, and the value you deliver. I specialise in engineering, technology, healthcare, and eCommerce, and also have plenty of experience in other sectors too. I will work closely with you to understand your brand, your vision, and how you want to talk about your products and services. I then produce a wide range of content to educate people about what you do, get them excited, and get them to pick up the phone. Contact me today to talk about how I can help you with your next: - Blog - Whitepaper - Copyediting or proofing project - Press release - Brochure, presentation or speech - SEO website rewrite - Category page project I have worked on copywriting projects with major global companies (think Microsoft, ASICS, Arup...), start-ups, non-profits and media organisations. I have also worked as a journalist and sub-editor on UK national papers and written for the likes of the BBC, Mail on Sunday, the Independent, Reuters, The European, Cycling Plus, E&T, Londonist and many other publications - so you can expect the highest editorial standards when you work with me. See my journalism portfolio here: I launched as a freelancer full time in January 2018, after three years at a successful London marketing agency where I headed up a team of writers. Contact me today to talk about your project! They said it: "Len is a consummate professional who I've had the pleasure of working with over the past several years. Through this time our website traffic has surged from zero to tens-of-thousands per month, based largely on the thoroughly well researched articles with an SEO focus Len has written for us" - Alex Meredith - Marketing Manager - Epsy "Len is one of the most reliable copywriters I've had the pleasure of working with. His attention to detail and understanding of brand tones of voice has helped to create world class commercial and informational content for a number of brands we work with. Len always goes the extra mile by conducting his own research to truly understand a topic, and will always ensure that any work delivered is to the highest standard" - Craig Pavitt - SEO Strategist - Re:signal. "Len is one of the most reliable copywriters I've had the pleasure of working with. His attention to detail and understanding of brand tones of voice has helped to create world class commercial and informational content for a number of brands we work with. Len always goes the extra mile by conducting his own research to truly understand a topic, and will always ensure that any work delivered is to the highest standard" - Stéphane Viaud-Murat - CEO - Mi4

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    Thought leadership, content strategy, campaign messaging, content planning, creative copywriting, editing, and proofreading. Yes, it's a list. A list of all the things I get involved in here at AECOM, where I lead thought leadership and content for Europe and India. It's not exhaustive by any means, but a reflection of the variety of my day-to-day work - which I love. AECOM is a huge global infrastructure consultancy, so I need to be on top of a huge range of topics. This week's to-do list comprises articles on the benefits of data analytics, powering up green ammonia production in Paraguay, and India's first fully underground metro corridor in Mumbai. It's certainly a job for the intellectually curious. Personally, I am an advocate for strategic planning and knowing your audience. Content must be targeted. I'm also really enjoying trying out various AI-powered tools that are helping my team to produce quality content at scale and pace. I'm just entering my fourth decade in the writing business. In that time, I've been a managing editor, food columnist (loved that), feature writer, PR account manager (hated that), production editor, and a contributor to the Rough Guide to Japan. Yes, that's another list. But after more than 30 years in the business - there's a lot to include!

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    I'm a senior copywriter and literary editor specialising in the arts and creative industries - which is just a fancy way of saying that I write the good stuff for creatives. Affectionately known as the Word Whisperer by my clients, you can call on me for original and persuasive website content, email campaigns, blogs and marketing content. WARNING: I DO NOT use robots to create copy. So, if you're in need of unique copy that sounds as if it was created by a human, then I'm your girl and I'd love a chance to discuss your project needs.

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    I am a freelance content writer and communications consultant: focusing on writing, communications development/strategy, editing, stakeholder engagement and user research. With over 15 years experience, I work in the commercial, public and non-profit sectors to create and evaluate accessible, engaging and co-produced communications and content. Everything I do is underpinned by behavioural science, evidence and user involvement. What I offer: Content development and strategy. Highly accessible, innovative content and communications. My expertise covers content writing, copywriting, and internal/external strategic communications planning: including social media and campaigns. I use behavioural science insight to optimise the engagement and impact of the communications I work on. Research and insight consultancy. I am experienced in critically reviewing and summarising research and policy, including undertaking systematic and rapid reviews of evidence. As well as sensitively involving users in every aspect of the process. To understand your audience or user's needs and experiences or to evaluate the impact of services or products. This includes recruitment strategy, research design, qualitative research and evidence reviews. I design and carry out in depth interviews, focus groups, workshops and online consultations. Translating this into recommendations and advice on best practice and next-steps. Training and mentoring in communications, writing, editing research and evidence-reviews.

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“I’ve always enjoyed writing but I didn’t set up on my own account until 2019. At that point I had been teaching for nearly two decades and had become frustrated with the academy trust to which my then school belonged. I took a plunge and set up as a freelance writer.”

Jo Watson

“I wish we were all more honest when speaking to newer or younger copywriters and telling them what to expect in their career. It’s a hard job, it’s constantly evolving, and it’s still nowhere near as widely respected (as both an art and a science) as it should be.”

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