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    I'm a copywriter and original co-founder (with Ben Locker) of ProCopywriters (originally the Professional Copywriters' Network). I began my career in publishing, went freelance in 2005 and formed ABC Copywriting two years later. I work with clients from sole traders and startups right through to blue-chips and multinationals. I also work with many creative, digital and PR agencies and offer professional editorial support to academics. I've worked on slogans, websites, product brochures, online movies, articles, sales letters and emails, press releases, presentations, case studies, company profiles, books and academic papers. My skills include writing, planning and structuring, editing and rewriting, improving or altering tone of voice, developing creative concepts, interviewing and working with non-native English speakers. I've written five books, including 'Copywriting Made Simple' and 'How to Write Clearly'.

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    What you do might be similar to a competitor, but how you say it can be your own. As a copywriter, I’ll find the right words to make your business stand out; words that develop trust with the kind of customers you really want. I work with owners of growing businesses who love what they do and who want to market themselves and their companies with personality. My customers are busy running their businesses. Their company has grown up around them, and it’s all-consuming. They’d like their marketing to reflect them and their approach, and to win them more of the right customers, but that’s easier said than done. Does this sound like you? What you’ll definitely get if you hire me: ✅ Punchy, pugnacious business writing that shows off your personality and pulls in your ideal clients ✅ The right words to represent your business; words that develop trust with the kind of customers you really want ✅ Customer-focussed web and online marketing you can be proud of. I’ll help you show your clients why you’re such a brilliant business What you’ll probably get if you don’t: 😤 Boring, yawn-inducing content that makes readers switch off and away from your site 😩 Confused potential customers who aren’t sure if you’re the brand for them 😭 Clients who aren’t right for you (we’ve all had them, the ones that make you want to tear your hair out)

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    Great copywriting is the key to transforming your communications. It can inform, excite, inspire and persuade readers. Clever, creative copywriting not only gets your message across, it convinces existing and potential new clients to click on that 'Buy now' button, pick up the phone or visit your website. I'll help you communicate effectively with more clients – delivering your message in positive language that’s not only appealing to the people you’re trying to reach but in a tone that perfectly matches your business brand. If you need great copywriting which speaks directly to your customers or other businesses you'll find the help you need right here. Why choose me? Friendly, honest and straightforward, I have a proven track record in successfully delivering B2B and B2C freelance copywriting services for businesses, marketing agencies, graphic designers and website developers across the UK and beyond. Whatever the size of your business, whichever sector you compete in and wherever you are located you can enjoy the advantages of professionally written winning words. I'll take the time and care to understand your business – including who your customers are, as well as your goals and unique selling point - to produce high quality, original written content that will make customers sit up and take notice. Could you benefit from powerful, creative copywriting which has a real impact on the success of your business? Don't be shy about getting in touch. You can be sure of a friendly ear and absolutely no hard sell. I'll be delighted to provide a free, no obligation, detailed quote for you to consider at your leisure.

  • Creative copy, content and communications that help global, national and regional organisations connect with their audiences. I've worked with leading brands across a range of industries, from financial services to energy to healthcare, on high-level projects covering marketing, PR, internal and change communications. If you're looking for an experienced communications expert to support your employee engagement initiative, change communications project, product marketing or PR campaign, I can help. To find out more about my work, please visit my website:

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Sophie Lain

“My manager at graze told me to think about every meeting as money, so an hour’s meeting with five people is five hours of company money. Is it worth it?”


“Corporate buzzwords can sneak up on you. One week, they’re original. The next, they’re everywhere and your copy is out of date.”

Photograph of a young white woman with curly brown hair. She is smiling as she props her face in her hands.Corinna Keefe

“Talk to other copywriters! I know it can be intimidating, but even just chatting to a few people on LinkedIn can be helpful. You can learn from their skill, their experience, and their advice.”

Rob Hainsworth

“I’ve been a creative and copywriter since I was 24 and don’t know any different. I wouldn’t want it to be different either.”

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