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23 Jun 2021

“Do I need a blog for my business?”

Tom Davies explains why blogging for your business still matters

22 Jun 2021

WordPress and Yoast: how to manage the traffic lights

Helen Say’s advice when it comes to Yoast’s SEO’s scoring system is don’t get hung up on green lights

ProCopywriters Blog

17 Jun 2021

Pretty in print: why Freelancer Magazine’s not just another aspirational business publication

Laura Wells talks to Sophie Cross, Editor of Freelancer Magazine about the realities of making a magazine, corralling contributors and kicking ass on Kickstarter.

16 Jun 2021

Ghosting freelancers (part 2): ghosting referrals

Why Dee Primett’s not impressed by clients who ask for a referral, then go AWOL

08 Jun 2021

First or third person what works best for business?

What’s the best point of view to write your copy from? Anna Metcalfe knows what she prefers

01 Jun 2021

Ask the obvious

Leigh James’ explains why, when it comes to copywriting, you can never ask too many questions

26 May 2021


Jo Watson reflects on how children who’ve lived through the pandemic will document it

24 May 2021

How to write a freelancer’s brief to get irresistible results

Not sure how to brief your freelance content writer? Mel Wicks’ guide covers everything you need to know.

18 May 2021

How much should you pay for website copy?

Anna Metcalfe guide to what copywriters charge for website copy

17 May 2021

A to Z of things that freelancers don’t get paid for (and other benefits we lose out on)

Dee Primett’s handy list of things for freelancers to remember when they’re deciding what to charge for their work

11 May 2021

Tone of voice: how to become one of the faces

Tom Davies draws on 60s mod scene movie, Quadrophenia, for pointers about tone of voice

10 May 2021

10 reasons to outsource your blog posts

Matthew Dryzmala lists the benefits of getting a professional writer to create your content

05 May 2021

7 secrets to sticky copy

Dianne Vanstone’s ideas for writing copy that your customers will notice, remember and act on

04 May 2021

6 truths about creating winning ideas for your content

Camilla Zajac’s suggestions for coming up with fresh ideas for your content.

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