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17 Aug 2022

The subtle power of clever packaging copy (plus lots of brand voice examples)

Megan Rose celebrates 17 great examples of the kind of everyday copy that usually gets ignored

16 Aug 2022

Is marketing a dark art?

Claire Millins’ questions to help you come up with effective marketing messages

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10 Aug 2022

How to write stonkingly good newsletters

Sally Ormond’s ingredients for creating a newsletter people want to read.

09 Aug 2022

Is it OK to start a sentence with ‘and’?

Not everything you learned about writing when you were at school is right says Rob Davies

02 Aug 2022

Why meta descriptions matter and how to write a great one

Ruth Taylor’s beginner’s guide to meta descriptions

27 Jul 2022

Full-time part-timer

Why Jo Watson doesn’t take kindly to being called a part-timer

26 Jul 2022

Why I love it when clients write the copy themselves

Joe Jeffries’ reminder that sometimes you don’t have to go far to find the perfect words

20 Jul 2022

How to deal with freelance copywriting project delays

Caroline Gibson’s advice for coping when your project timings don’t work out as planned

19 Jul 2022

2 golden rules for business writing

Annabel Hargreaves’ 2 must dos for business writing

15 Jul 2022

6 red flags to watch out for when you outsource your content writing

Melody Flumendorf’s suggestions about how to avoid hiring a writer who churns out shoddy content.

13 Jul 2022

Gary in sales likes to write, so he writes our online content

Ruth Taylor on why getting an enthusiastic, but unskilled, amateur to write your copy can damage your business

12 Jul 2022

Perfect match: how to bring your copy and design together

Katrina Strathearn looks at ways to work with your copywriter and designer so they get what they need, and you get the results you want

06 Jul 2022

What you need to know to write like a Roman emperor

What can copywriters learn from the Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius? Jamie Ryder explains

30 Jun 2022

5 and a half content marketing mistakes to forget

Tessa Parry-Wingfield has made these content marketing blunders so you don’t have to

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