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30 Jun 2022

5 and a half content marketing mistakes to forget

Tessa Parry-Wingfield has made these content marketing blunders so you don’t have to

28 Jun 2022

How to write about finance so women listen

Annabel Hargreaves shares some examples of who’s getting it right when it comes to talking to women about money

ProCopywriters Blog

24 Jun 2022

Public speaking skills workshops for ProCopywriters members

The easiest way to upgrade your public speaking skills – with these members-only workshops.

22 Jun 2022

Why is content so ageist?

Melody Flumendorf’s puzzled by marketing’s stigmatising and one-dimensional and stereotypes of older people

21 Jun 2022

What is a content audit, and do I need to do one?

Katrina Strathearn on the benefits of taking a long hard look at how your content’s performing

17 Jun 2022

Copywriting Tips, Tricks and Hacks to Celebrate our 1,000th Post

Celebrating our 1,000th blog post with a collection of copywriters’ favourite tips and techniques.

15 Jun 2022

Content by committee

Conflicting opinions at the review stage is a fast track to bad copy says Jo Watson

14 Jun 2022

How to juggle a full-time job with your freelance career

Lorna McGachie knows how tricky it is to balance working 9 to 5 with freelancing. Here’s what she’s learned.

08 Jun 2022

How a bad birthday present taught me a valuable copywriting lesson

What’s a gift that didn’t quite hit the mark got to do with writing copy? Joe Jeffries explains

07 Jun 2022

5 tips to write more efficiently

Amy Twigge’s hints and tips to make your writing time more productive

04 Jun 2022

Q. Why is creative tone of voice important across all touchpoints? A. Because little things matter

How tiny pieces of copy sound can matter a lot. Caroline Gibson explains why.

03 Jun 2022

How to balance being a freelance mum and enjoying the summer holidays

Martha Moger’s advice for freelance mums who will be working and taking care of their children during the summer holidays

31 May 2022

I’m banned from Facebook. Here are 8 things I won’t miss

Paul Malone shares the sorry tale of how he ended up in Facebook prison

30 May 2022

You’re the boss! How to take back control of your freelance business and say goodbye to overwhelm

Sarah Townsend on the empowering magic of saying no.

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