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25 Sep 2023

How to create brand awareness with content

Alice Hollis on the role of thought leadership content in building brand awareness

18 Sep 2023

Better blogs for lawyers: 12 tips

Claire Hewson on the secret to solid legal content.

ProCopywriters Blog

11 Sep 2023

Five headline writing hacks

Hayley Maguire helps you sharpen your headlines.

27 Aug 2023

Unleashing the power of vision and mission statements

On the need for clear and compelling vision statements.

21 Aug 2023

7 disastrous (and avoidable) product description mistakes

Helen Beckingham highlights the clangers you’ll want to steer clear of if you want to write product descriptions that sell

17 Aug 2023

Use pillar pages and topic clusters to optimise your content for SEO

How can pillar pages and topic clusters improve your website’s search engine performance?

31 Jul 2023

Copywriting checklist: check your copy before you publish

Use Sally Fox’s checklist to make sure your copy is ready to send

24 Jul 2023

Boost your SEO performance using the 4 types of keyword search intent

Understand search intent to better optimise your content to match users’ needs

17 Jul 2023

How micro-copy can remove friction for web users

Four methods for improving your micro copy – from Tiffany Markman

12 Jul 2023

Rob Hainsworth – ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“I’ve been a creative and copywriter since I was 24 and don’t know any different. I wouldn’t want it to be different either.”

11 Jul 2023

Does your content have multiple personalities?

Is your tone of voice like Jekyll and Hyde?

11 Jul 2023

How much do freelance copywriters charge in 2023?

With a new average day rate of £433 in our 2023 Copywriters Survey – we carve up the data to see what we can we learn about freelance copywriter day rates.

07 Jul 2023

The dangers and limitations of AI writing tools

AI tools are blatant, unrepentant liars – and they don’t even know when they are lying.

29 Jun 2023

Copywriters Survey 2023 – Report Available Now

Read the full report from our survey of 520 commercial writers. Packed with insights into earnings, outlook, origins and more

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