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24 Mar 2021

Send me an email, FFS

Jo Watson explains why it’s best not to call her.

23 Mar 2021

Ghosting freelancers: it’s not scary, just rude

If you’ve decided you don’t want to work with me, at least have the decency to tell me, says Dee Primett

ProCopywriters Blog

18 Mar 2021

The 3 things I need to know before I’ll even think about signing up to your email list

Dawn Kofie isn’t convinced that when it comes to getting sign-ups to your email newsletter, being direct is enough on its own.

17 Mar 2021

Why clarity may not always be the answer

James Gillam examines the problem with clear, but nuance-free, messages.

16 Mar 2021

Networking tips for freelance introverts

Lily Karenza suggests ways that self-employed introverts can take the pain out of making contacts and building business relationships.

10 Mar 2021

Why you shouldn’t write (just) for SEO

Francesca Baker on why you should write for humans AND search engines.

09 Mar 2021

How talking less about your business means more business

Richard King explains wny making your copy less ‘me, me, me’ is better for your business.

08 Mar 2021

Good copy/bad copy: how to speak to women

Kirsten Irving’s advice on how to write advertising copy that women will love.

03 Mar 2021

How to use blogs to increase conversions in your sales funnel

Alice Hollis explains how using blogging can help at every stage of the sales cycle.

02 Mar 2021

The impact of artificial intelligence on the copywriting industry

Maria Scheibengraf explores recent developments in AI and what they might mean for professional writers.

23 Feb 2021

Why we must stop pandering to the algorithm

Katie Thompson delves the dark side of algorithms.

22 Feb 2021

To niche or not to niche: a #ProCopyChat roundup

Specialist or generalist? Which is better? Andre Spiteri summarises some of the main issues in the niching debate.

17 Feb 2021

Award-winning? So what?

Andy Nattan explains why he has no time for adverts that don’t do what they’re supposed to, award-winning or not.

16 Feb 2021

Battle of the sexist briefs

Should gender matter when it comes to assigning copywriting briefs? Laura Glover doesn’t think so.

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