Still not offering this easy and essential upsell?

As copywriters, we know better than most the importance of understanding WHO you are, WHAT you do, and WHY potential customers should choose you – not your competitors.

Question is, how many of us take full advantage of this knowledge and seize all the sales opportunities it presents?

We happily write ‘engaging’ web content, adverts, articles, press releases, advertorials – it’s our day-to-day bread and butter. We provide advice and guidance on how best to position and sell an offer or important message. As talented sales and marketing professionals, we have much to offer.

But as counterintuitive as it sounds, many of us still overlook two essential pieces of copy that could otherwise be adding thousands annually to our bottom line.

Not one company on this planet can do without them

They form the critical foundations for brand development and marketing success but rarely get discussed, let alone requested. Yet both should be amongst the very first pieces of written content a company acquires. In fact, not offering them could be seen as a disservice to clients.

No company can do without these assets or argue against having them. And, totalling just 350 – 450 words per job, you’ll have no reason not to write them. It’s the perfect upsell, side-sell, or one-off gig that pays well and is super-quick to complete. The market is huge and, being a ‘must-have,’ the proposition virtually sells itself.

So, what marvels of salesmanship and wordsmithery am I extolling?

Ten out of ten if you’ve already guessed: the elevator pitch, and the positioning statement.

A reminder of why they’re so important

If a business doesn’t fully understand what they’re about, they’ll be forever treading a path with a self-inflicted limp. That’s why the positioning statement is the perfect tool for getting all ducks in a row before going full steam with any marketing effort.

It provides a clear outline of an organisation’s place within their market and the fundamental reasons why potential customers should choose them. Not only that, it harmonises departments and gets everyone onboard with the company mission, vision, and values. It’s a document that brings people together, whilst strengthening the organisation’s value proposition.

Now, the elevator pitch. We all know what an incredible sales tool this is! Every employee should know this pitch off by heart. Having the power to be able to seize an opportunity at a moment’s notice, and be fully armed with an inarguable stack of benefits, teasers, and reasons ‘why,’ can only lead to one thing – more sales.

Traditionally, these pitches were finished with the offer of a business card, simple handshake, or promise to follow up. That’s fine. But now we’re digital, a more effective outro is to hold out one’s phone and request that the recipient “scan the QR code” and save essential contact details, book a demo, or directly buy a product. In other words, the sale becomes so much easier and more likely. Why wouldn’t someone want this power?

Offer them as a package

Like a good port and blue cheese, the positioning statement and elevator pitch work fine as standalones, but consumed together, the magic really happens.
Just an hour’s consultation will provide you with enough information to write both, so you might as well package them together.

This offer can be sold within minutes of an enquiry. Very often my own fees have been too high to accommodate a prospect’s other writing needs, but it’s been easy to persuade them that it’s ‘not worth moving forward’ with their marketing, until they’ve at least sorted the basics first. This makes it the perfect STARTER package.

10 reasons why a potential client can’t say ‘no’

  1. You will uncover any hidden USPs
  2. You will equip them with the power to sell at a moment’s notice
  3. You will harmonise their teams with a coherent message across all departments
  4. They will better understand their organisation’s niche or market position
  5. They will have a perfect foundation for moving forward with their marketing efforts
  6. They will have a strong call to action when presenting their pitch
  7. Their brand’s integrity will be strengthened
  8. They will save many hours of brainstorming-time in the future
  9. They will have a faultless value proposition
  10. Huge ROI: they will significantly increase sales

Take it to market, right now

  • Start by adding the service to your website/platforms
  • Define a simple and easy process
  • Decide your pricing and create ways to add more value
  • Reach out to your existing client base
  • Try it on the next enquiry
  • Suggest it to a client you’re currently working for

The opportunities are already there, waiting. Go grab them.

Photo by JP Valery

Jim Morrissey is a results-driven website + marketing copywriter based in London.

He brings 30-years of sales, marketing, and creative experience to the table.

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