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25 Apr 2023

Surviving school holidays as a freelancer

Dee Primett shares what she’s learned about getting through the school holidays when ayou’re a freelancer and a parent

19 Apr 2023

Publish flawless copy every time with this copy checklist

Sally M Fox’s handy checklist will help make sure your copy doesn’t contain any embarrassing mistakes

ProCopywriters Blog

18 Apr 2023

Jargon is exclusive

George Caveney on why if your aim is to craft clear and compelling messages, buzzwords and jargon are not your friends

Working in partnership with ChatGPT
13 Apr 2023

Which is better, ChatGPT or human content?

Claire Hewson put ChatGPT to the test. Here’s what happened

12 Apr 2023

How thinking like a journalist can make you a better copywriter

Hayley Maguire explains how adopting a reporter’s mindset can help improve your copy

11 Apr 2023

Decarbonist Manifesto of a homeworking copywriter

What does carbon reduction look like for a home-based copywriter? Jo Warburton shares her approach

NameDek® - naming methodology in a box
05 Apr 2023

So your client needs a brand name. How tricky can it be? 

Jim Boulton runs through what you need to consider when you’re coming up with a brand name

04 Apr 2023

Celebrating copy as a writer-designer partnership

Fran Morgan explains why writers and designers working together can produce great results

28 Mar 2023

Are we working to get away from our families?

Katie Thompson’s reflections on balancing working with spending time with family

26 Mar 2023

How to make your about page less like a CV

Jess Sutton on how to avoid about-page-as-list-of-everything-you’ve-ever-done syndrome

22 Mar 2023

Are the copywriting robots coming?

Is there a place for AI writing tools? Here’s Catherine Every’s take

21 Mar 2023

When’s a good time to get a tone of voice guide?

Sally Fox outlines the situations when your business could benefit from a tone of voice guide

15 Mar 2023

Book review – Anti-Sell by Steve Morgan

Sarah Bartlett’s assessment of Anti-Sell by Steve Morgan – a book for self-employed people who don’t enjoy having to sell their services.

14 Mar 2023

Forget everything you know (about copywriting)

Jonathan Wilcock shares some of what he’s learned after nearly 4 decades of professional writing

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