Copywriters Survey 2023 – Report Available Now

We asked the questions.

You gave us the answers.

And now we can share the full report.

This is our seventh annual survey of the copywriting profession.

A comprehensive survey that covers:

  • Experience
  • Education
  • Income
  • Working practices
  • Training
  • Skills and specialisms

This 35 page report is free for everyone to download and use.


Our mission remains the same: to bring greater awareness and transparency to the world of commercial writing.

This survey gives everyone a clear window through which to observe and understand the many forms that copywriting takes, from the creatives concocting ads in agencies to the freelancers ghost-writing expansive white papers – and everyone in-between.

The report helps everyone to separate fact from fiction and gain a sense of what’s possible in this profession.

Download the ProCopywriters Survey 2023


We are grateful to the 520 copywriters who answered all of our questions, and also helped to share this post with their own networks. Your support is priceless.

Thanks to Radix Communications for being our first headline sponsor and helping to fund the production of this report. Radix employ a significant number of copywriters and have always found the survey useful and enlightening – so we’re thrilled to have them onboard.

Thanks also to our microsponsors who have made a major contribution to the costs of producing our report. You can find a full list of our sponsors on the Copywriters Survey 2023 Report page.



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