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28 Mar 2023

Are we working to get away from our families?

Katie Thompson’s reflections on balancing working with spending time with family

26 Mar 2023

How to make your about page less like a CV

Jess Sutton on how to avoid about-page-as-list-of-everything-you’ve-ever-done syndrome

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22 Mar 2023

Are the copywriting robots coming?

Is there a place for AI writing tools? Here’s Catherine Every’s take

21 Mar 2023

When’s a good time to get a tone of voice guide?

Sally Fox outlines the situations when your business could benefit from a tone of voice guide

15 Mar 2023

Book review – Anti-Sell by Steve Morgan

Sarah Bartlett’s assessment of Anti-Sell by Steve Morgan – a book for self-employed people who don’t enjoy having to sell their services.

14 Mar 2023

Forget everything you know (about copywriting)

Jonathan Wilcock shares some of what he’s learned after nearly 4 decades of professional writing

09 Mar 2023

Just stop it – there is no formula

George Caveney believes that there are no shortcuts to effective copy

08 Mar 2023

International Women’s Day 2023: embrace equity

This International Women’s Day, Jade Anderson outlines the differences between equality and equity

07 Mar 2023

How to write ethical sales copy

Jess Sutton believes you don’t need to resort to white lies and trickery to sell your products and services

01 Mar 2023

Which digital marketing channel is right for you?

Not sure which marketing channel to use, or why? Caroline Gibson will keep you right

22 Feb 2023

5 ways web design and branding choices can impact accessibility

Alice Rowan on how to make sure everyone can interact with, and access, your content

21 Feb 2023

How to set targets for your business

Bonnie Harrington’s process for creating targets that will help you meet your business goals

14 Feb 2023

Want to be more creative? You’ve got to get weird

Charlotte Irwin’s key to coming up with better creative ideas

08 Feb 2023

Does an experienced freelance copywriter mean an expensive freelance copywriter?

You get what you pay for when it comes to copywriting says Caroline Gibson

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