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25 May 2012

The client who cried ‘urgent’

How a brave copywriter challenged a client who always wanted everything urgently.

25 May 2012

Five steps to rubbish content

If you want really rubbish content, you’ve got to do it right. Here’s our five-step guide for clients.

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21 May 2012

Copywriting, acting and imagination

Why imagining other people’s experience is a central part of being a copywriter.

15 May 2012

What makes a good copywriter?

Whatever your focus in terms of markets, channels or clients, there are certain traits you can’t live without as a copywriter. Here’s my take on what they are

08 May 2012

Do questions work in copywriting?

Thinking of using a question in your copywriting? Check our handy guide to the key types first.

27 Apr 2012

Can I Change Your Mind? by Lindsay Camp

Book review of ‘Can I Change Your Mind?’ by Lindsay Camp.

27 Apr 2012

The Complete Plain Words by Ernest Gowers

Book review of ‘The Complete Plain Words’ by Ernest Gowers.

27 Apr 2012

Sales Letters That Sell by Drayton Bird

Book review of ‘Sales Letters That Sell’ by Drayton Bird.

27 Apr 2012

Does Your Marketing Sell? by Ian Moore

Book review of ‘Does Your Marketing Sell?’ by Ian Moore.

27 Apr 2012

Creative B2B Branding by Scot McKee

Book review of ‘Creative B2B Branding’ by Scot McKee.

27 Apr 2012

Write Copy, Make Money by Andy Maslen

Review of ‘Write Copy, Make Money’ by Andy Maslen.

27 Apr 2012

Hey Whipple, Squeeze This by Luke Sullivan

Review of Hey Whipple, Squeeze This by Luke Sullivan.

27 Apr 2012

Write to Sell by Andy Maslen

Review of Write to Sell by Andy Maslen.

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