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28 May 2019

3 powerful copywriting triggers that get a response

Alana Beaumont discusses three techniques that can compel readers to respond to your copy.

28 May 2019

4 ways to write blog posts that get noticed

Claire Hewson shares her strategies for writing blog posts that get noticed.

ProCopywriters Blog

28 May 2019

Why can’t you just do it? The truth about procrastination

How do you overcome procrastination and get things done? Karen Evennett has some advice.

28 May 2019

Make your copywriting memorable with the number three

Lauren MacNeish explores the power of three – and how it can make your copy more effective.

28 May 2019

Imposter syndrome and five steps on how to overcome It

You’ve felt it, right? That nagging sense that you’re not good enough – or talented enough – or qualified enough? Sara Donaldson has some tips for killing the Imposter Monster.

28 May 2019

How does age add value to a copywriter?

Anna Metcalfe reflects on the advantages of choosing a copywriter with tonnes of experience.

28 May 2019

6 of the best… Copywriting HACKS!

You don’t need a copywriter. You just need some big words, obscure jargon and access to Spell Cheque. So says Jo Watson.

28 May 2019

How to write an effective brand manifesto

Richard Spencer of writing agency A Thousand Monkeys shares his advice on crafting an effective brand manifesto.

28 May 2019

Is It Always Bad To Use Jargon In Your Copy?

André Spiteri reckons jargon isn’t always the work of the devil. Here are two examples of how and why jargon can be useful (or essential).

Green shoots in soil.
23 May 2019

What I learned in my first month as a freelance copywriter

Shaun Patrick Hand looks back on his first few weeks in the world of freelance copywriting.

19 May 2019

Want to feature in a book of the ProCopywriters blog?

We’re publishing a book of our blog. Want to be included? Read on!

Four £20 notes
16 May 2019

We need to talk about late payments

What do you do when your clients don’t pay on time? Sally Major has a few ideas.

Silhouette of a mountain at sunset
15 May 2019

How to find freelance copywriting work

Alice Hollis’ practical advice on finding copywriting clients.

Hot air ballooms
09 May 2019

14 tips for working with a copywriter

Matthew Dryzmala’s guide to what to expect when you work with a copywriter, and how to get the best out of them.

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