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09 Feb 2021

How do copywriters decide on their fees and pricing models?

Sarah Monaghan demystifies copywriting fees.

03 Feb 2021

In defence of tiny email lists

Louise Shanahan on why there’s nothing wrong with a small, but beautifully formed, email list.

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02 Feb 2021

How to use Twitter chats to grow your network and benefit your business

Sarah Townsend’s guide to finding Twitter chats where you can connect with like-minded freelancers.

27 Jan 2021

What is greenwashing and how do you avoid it?

Don’t pretend you’re making every effort to make your products and services environmentally friendly if that’s not true, says Sally Fox.

25 Jan 2021

Congratulations! You’ve survived 2020. Now what?

Ben McKinney looks back at last year and ponders what this one will bring.

20 Jan 2021

Top proofreading tips

John Espirian’s advice for catching mistakes and adding polish to your own writing

19 Jan 2021

CopyCon postponed until October

The Copywriting Conference is postponed until 8 October 2021.

19 Jan 2021

How to build a brand that means something to someone

Alice Hollis explains what branding is, and why it’s worth the effort

13 Jan 2021

10 of the best start out tips for freelance copywriters

Just started out as a freelance copywriter? Alexandra Crossley summarises what you need to know

12 Jan 2021

‘They’ is coming – putting gender on the writing agenda

Kirsten Irving takes a look at the issue of gendered pronouns

11 Jan 2021

Why we need to stop using war metaphors to talk about illness

Is using military metaphors helpful when we’re talking about sickness and disease? Louise Shanahan doesn’t think so.

11 Jan 2021

What’s your New Year’s writing resolution?

Here’s what the team at Word Monster want to stop doing, keep doing and learn in 2021.

06 Jan 2021

Tips for new freelancers — what I’ve learnt so far

Lucy Roberts’ advice for new freelancers

05 Jan 2021

3 great copywriting quotes (and what they mean)

Anna Metcalfe expands on some words of copywriting wisdom.

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