5 B2B copywriting tips: getting to the point and being human

Richard King

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The average person reads thousands of words every day, whether it’s in the form of emails, ads, blogs, articles, or whatever else. Why does this matter? Well, you’ve got to make your B2B copywriting stand out from the crowd.

The foundation of any great marketing campaign is built on engaging and memorable content. But this isn’t as simple as being good at writing. In B2B copy, there are certain rules, tips, and tricks which, if followed correctly, will increase your readership and conversion dramatically. Luckily, a lot of these rules are easy to pick up and can be adopted right away.

To help you out, we’ve written 5 B2B copy tips that you can start using today. So, let’s get right to it, shall we?

1.   Keep things short with B2B copywriting

In copywriting, being succinct is key. Your readers don’t have the time to read long and wordy pieces. If there’s a quicker way to get your point across without diluting your message, do it. For example, try skimming your work and substitute small phrases for singular words where possible.

  • The majority of = most
  • Give consideration to = consider
  • Have to = must
  • As well as = including/plus/besides etc.

2.   B2B writing is about being human

It can be surprisingly difficult to come across as human in written text, but it’s worth the effort. If your writing seems stiff or robotic, readers will quickly switch off and move on to a more engaging piece of content. Use more contractions, avoid jargon, and always proofread before publishing. By adding some personality and empathy to your work, your writing will be more enjoyable and come across as trustworthy to your reader. Plus, it’s more fun for you, the writer.


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3.   In B2B copywriting, simplicity is your friend

How does this read?
‘He demonstrates great dexterity in the field of gastronomy.’
Ok. And how about this one?
‘He is a great cook.’

Notice the difference? The first sentence, while technically correct, is needlessly complex and difficult to read. Just because you can use more complex or impressive words, doesn’t mean you have to. It’s all about readability after all. You must get your message across to your reader in the simplest of terms. There’s no need to show off your wonderful vocabulary. Otherwise, you may come across as unapproachable and lose your audience.

4. Consider your audience

Your audience should always dictate the style of writing you use. Sure, it’s more fun to keep things colloquial with lots of slang thrown in, but is this the right tone for a B2B IT consultancy service? By thinking about who the content is targeted at, you’ll be able to speak more directly to your reader.

5. Keep words like ‘amazing’ and ‘brilliant’ to a minimum

B2B copy that’s littered with these kinds of adjectives can come across as false. Your reader might think, “Woah, they’re really overselling this”. Avoid this by letting your product or service sell itself. Focus on benefits, avoid buzzwords, and think to yourself, “Would I believe the writer if I was reading this”?

Ready to simplify the complex world around you?

Led by an experienced technology copywriter, King Copywriting helps tech companies connect with their audience by untangling complexity and freeing simplicity. Get in touch today.


Cover photo by Shane on Unsplash

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