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29 Sep 2021

Why the word ‘stakeholder’ must die

Tessa Parry-Wingfield lets rip about the latest addition to her Dictionary of Banned Words

21 Sep 2021

How to write a homepage that captures your customer’s attention

Ben McKinney’s guide to writing a stunning homepage

ProCopywriters Blog

20 Sep 2021

When client relationships go sour

Jenny Lucas’ suggestions for spotting, and dealing with, badly behaved clients

14 Sep 2021

People are still asking what content design is

Ever wondered what content designers actually do? Lauren MacNeish explains

08 Sep 2021

3 things you should know before writing for digital

The Marketing Pod shares its rules for creating brilliant digital content

07 Sep 2021

5 reasons being a digital nomad makes you want to shout ‘freedom!’

Richard King sings the praises of deciding what work looks like for you

01 Sep 2021

How to overcome write-o-phobia

Lucas North’s simple writing process for when fear of the blank page strikes

25 Aug 2021

AMENDageddon: are you sabotaging your own content?

Tessa Parry-Wingfield’s guide to stopping endless rounds of amends from squeezing the magic out of your copy

24 Aug 2021

Ethical marketing – taking the bro out of your business

Lily Karenza believes there’s an alternative to aggressive and manipulative marketing

17 Aug 2021

How writing less could make you happier

Lucas North on why less is often more when it comes to writing copy

16 Aug 2021

6 brands that use content in ingenious ways

Corinne Homer highlights a handful of brands that are great at creating engaging and sticky content

11 Aug 2021

How to get people to subscribe to your newsletter

Matthew Drzymala’s ideas for getting more people to sign up for your mailing list

05 Aug 2021

That feeling when…

Matthew James’ suggestion for talking about the benefits of what you’re selling in a way that means something to your clients

04 Aug 2021

The false economy of cheap copy (updated for 2021)

When it comes to copy, you get what you pay for says Felicity Wild

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