Cultivate: a new series of meetups for copywriters+

Leif Kendall



If CopyCon taught us anything, it’s that copywriters need more chances to get together.

With this in mind, we’re trialling a new series of meetups.

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What is Cultivate?

Friendly, open, casual networking. It’s people in a pub, talking shop, getting to know each other and expanding our horizons.

Why not just copywriters?

If you’ve ever tried to organise a meetup just for copywriters in a small town, you’ll know that the numbers are against you.

And while it’s AMAZING to hang out with a bunch of copywriters, it’s also great to meet other professionals. You get to learn about other disciplines and potentially find project partners – or even clients.

Why Bournemouth?

Because ProCopywriters is based in Bournemouth – and we also couldn’t find a regular meetup for creative professionals.

We’re open to expanding the group to other locations – but only if we find people interested in hosting the events.

Please email if you are interested in starting a Cultivate group in your town.

What about #copynights?

Good shout! There is already a network of meetups for copywriters – called #copynights. They currently meet in Bristol, London and Cardiff – so do check them out!




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