How to make your about page less like a CV

About pages are one of the hardest things for anyone to write – us copywriters included. Maybe we all just suck at writing about ourselves and shouting about our achievements? Who knows. But, there are a few intentional techniques you can use to make your about page sound less like a dry CV and more like an enticing, personality-filled snapshot of who you are that’ll pull in all the right people. Read on to discover those techniques…

You don’t need to have a detailed timeline

The thing I see again and again with DIY about pages is an account of where they started, how they got to where they are today, and what courses they took and snacks they ate while doing those courses. Yet about pages don’t actually need to contain allll the details of your journey.

You’re allowed to leave out 95% of those details, and leave in the facts that prove your credibility, authority, and expertise in whatever industry you’re in. For example: as much as I’d love to shout about how I got an article published in a well-respected food magazine right at the start of my career, it isn’t that relevant anymore as it was so long ago.

Throw in an unexpected hook

Whether it’s an unexpected career path, hobby, favourite book, or a twist within the copy itself, surprise your readers with something unexpected that makes them want to read on. This is otherwise known as a hook, and all good about pages should start with something unexpected that hooks people in and makes them want to read more.

Include relevant personal snippets

You should still talk about yourself – even though talking about yourself isn’t the entire purpose of the page. Including relevant, non-business personality snippets help to build connection and allow your readers to *hopefully* relate to you more, as they’ll see you have things in common.

Think about who you’re trying to target. What hobbies would they likely share with you? Would they appreciate your addiction to trashy TV, or would they prefer to hear about your secret obsession with epic fantasy novels? While most of this would be speculation, sometimes it’s easy for us to figure out what our audience can relate to.

You reading this, for example – I can take an educated guess that you’d appreciate my love of the outdoors, wildlife, and maybe even vegan food.

Am I wrong? Tell me!

Add credibility and authority markers to your about page

By the time someone reaches your about page, they’re at the point in their buying journey where they know they have a problem and they know what the solution is. They’re now looking to see whether you’re the right one for that solution.

Share your authority and expertise here, without listing all the things you’ve done up until that point. This could be in the form of:

  • Client or customer testimonials
  • Your honest (no exaggerating or fake rags-to-riches) story about how you got to where you are today
  • Succinctly talk about any training you’ve done or other related work you’ve carried out
  • Any results clients have achieved as a result of working with you

Talk about how you can help your reader

Not what you’ve achieved, twist it to talk about how those achievements will help them. I know it’s said over and over, but I’ll say it here again: your about page isn’t all about you, it’s about your reader. With everything you write, have a vision of your reader in your mind.

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