How much do copywriters charge per day in 2024?

The ProCopywriters Survey 2024 finds the average day rate of our 298 freelance respondents is: £440

That’s the average of all responses.

So what else can we learn from our survey data?

What are the factors that impact your day rate as a freelance copywriter?

Day rates by job title

Within the commercial writing world there are many different specialists doing varied work.

Here’s how that impacts your day rate. We’ve included the number of respondents for each job title because some specialisms have very few respondents, which affects the quality of the data:

  • Brand Writer (8 respondents): £549
  • Content Designer (3 respondents): £456
  • Content Strategist (4 respondents): £467
  • Content Writer (38 respondents): £401
  • Copywriter (220 respondents): £436
  • Creative (2 respondents): £550
  • UX Writer (1 respondent): £375

Day rates by location

Does your location influence your income?

Here’s what copywriters are charging per day in:

  • England (241 respondents): £441
  • Scotland (9 respondents): £453
  • Wales (10 respondents): £361
  • Northern Ireland (2 respondents): £310
  • International (36 respondents): £487

Day rates by region of England:

  • London (30 respondents): £462
  • South West (42 respondents): £463
  • South East (59 respondents): £475
  • North West (17 respondents): £424
  • North East (6 respondents): £404
  • East Anglia (16 respondents): £429
  • East Midlands (21 respondents): £405
  • West Midlands (18 respondents) : £411
  • Yorks and Humber (18 respondents): £403

Again, we’ve included the number of respondents so that you can see how many people contribute to these statistics.

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Day rates from other sources

How does our data compare to other online sources?

YunoJuno: £391 per day (source:

Beyond the Book: £350-£450 per day (source:

Your day rate is your business – charge what you’re worth

The findings of the ProCopywriters survey are a useful barometer of general trends. But they should never be seen as a guide to how much you should charge.

Your day rate should be a reflection of the value you offer clients.

But it will also be affected by…

  • how much experience you have
  • how many clients/enquiries you get
  • your training/background
  • your professional stature/reputation
  • the opportunities you can access

Our survey results provide a very limited view of the copywriting profession. We can’t see the full story behind the reported figures.

So while it’s a good thing to be encouraged to charge more, or to recognise when you’re underselling yourself, these rates should never discourage you from aiming higher.

What do you think?

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