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That’s two clients this month through the @procopywriters website. I reckon that’s a pretty good return on the annual membership.

Anna Lewin


Brilliant being able to catch up on missed webinars as a @procopywriters member. All caught up on @LeanContent ‘s one all about keeping content marketing simple. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Jo! Love your approach.
#copywriting #contentwriting

Megan Douglas


EXCELLENT SEO seminar on @procopywriters this afternoon – thank you @kelvinnewman and @LeifKendall. I’m not a huge fan of wrestling with keyword tools so these practical methods where I can see the ‘workings’ are right up my street. If you’re a Procopy member – catch up online!

Sanina Kaur


Want to boost your #copywriting skills? Check out @procopywriters for hundreds of blogs, surveys, workshops & other learning opportunities including #CopyCon22.

#content #ContentCreator #contentmarketing #copywriter

Feeling excited, inspired and motivated about my freelance copywriting business. Thanks to @Inkspiller , @jackiebarrie & all the wonderful speakers at #CopyCon18.

Hannah Cook


Two days in a row of fabulous copywriting enquiries via @procopywriters This must mean one of three things: 1. My profile got featured  2. Their SEO game just got stronger. Or 3. It’s purely a happy coincidence. Either way, more of the same, pls! #procopywriters

8th November 2024

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