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I am a copywriter, passionate about cake, mummy, lover of beautiful shoes and a wife - but not necessarily in that order.

If you like impressive titles and credentials, check this out:
• BA (hons) in business and marketing
• Fellow of the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing
• Member of the Content Marketing Association
• Member of ProCopywriters
• Freelance Hero

…but all this really means is that I like to tell great stories.

I can write long words and fluffy copy, but nobody really wants to read that, so I prefer to stick with simple English that everyone can understand. I find this works particularly well for my clients in the IT and technology sectors who want to strip out the industry jargon, confusing acronyms and technobaffle in favour of telling their story in a natural but compelling way – now their prospects actually want to talk to them to find out more.

If you’re ready to tell your story in a way that makes people want to come to you, let’s find time for a coffee and a chat – I’ll even bring the cake!



07853 351 280


  • Brochures and Leaflets
  • Content marketing
  • Content strategy
  • Digital and SEO Copywriting
  • Tone of Voice
  • White Papers
  • B2B
  • Science and Technology
Qualifications & Awards
BA (hons) Business and Marketing
The Podcast Blueprint
Award submission masterclass
Diploma in digital marketing
Startup attention & PR 101
Learn how to create ten leads per week from LinkedIn
Diploma in social media marketing for business and online reputation management
Event Management
Creative copywriting for PR
Measure what matters (award entries)
Perfect pitch masterclass
Webinar best-practice
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