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Atech is an IT consultancy and cloud managed service provider that helps its clients to create the next version of their business. By taking advantage of cloud, virtualisation and modern workplace technologies, Atech offers a suite of services and support that ensure digital transformation is a roaring success.

The company is in a really exciting stage of its growth – undergoing its own digital transformation as it transitions to being a leader in its field. In making the change, it has managed to retain its core value proposition of being ‘addicted to service’, while professionalising, streamlining and strengthening its team, processes and offerings.

Taking responsibility for the company’s blog, my objective was to create useful, interesting and relevant content for Atech to publish weekly and then promote through its social channels.

The blogs had to be:

  • Rich in SEO, to support Atech’s online promotional efforts.
  • Extract value from existing marketing assets, like white papers and case studies, to boost their ROI.
  • Align with the company’s business and sales strategies to help push specific services.
  • Capture the ‘value add’ that Atech provides to its customers.


Raising awareness

“In May we launched a new service with just a web page and a blog – both of which we’d optimised behind the scenes from an SEO perspective. Just 4 weeks later, we’d jumped from no ranking to a rank where we are already visible!”

Driving traffic

“In the first quarter of publishing weekly blogs to our website, we averaged +175% more views per month – against the average in the previous quarter. And in Q3 the impact has been astonishing – so far we are tracking 383% up on the first quarter for blog views!”

Feedback mechanism

“An unexpected bonus from the blogging is that we now have insight into what people are most interested in reading about. Posts about our team, our point of view and strategy are always big hits so we can tailor new content accordingly.”

Flexible content

“The blogs give us buildable content so we can create something else based on them, whether that’s web copy, social updates or larger hero assets. And the sales team now have a set of articles to share with their contacts because our messaging is aligned – it’s a key part of our sales enablement strategy.”

Inbound leads

“With our content, SEO and PPC efforts all singing from the same hymn sheet, we are now receiving qualified inbound leads. It demonstrates just how important it is to be aligned on campaign and content – and it starts with content.”


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