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White paper for Sullivan & Stanley

Award-winning specialist change consultancy, Sullivan & Stanley (S&S), challenges the status quo in the pursuit of better outcomes – because when change is the only constant, to perpetuate yesterday’s ways of working places organisations at a disadvantage. To ensure its clients are change ready, S&S leans on the expertise of its dedicated communities. As well as work on specific client projects, the change practitioners regularly share their skills, knowledge, and experience at events, webinars, and roundtable discussions.

To extract maximum value from these events, S&S engaged me to repurpose the insights shared during the discussions into white papers. By extracting the key takeaway messages, elaborating on the market context, adding research to back up opinions, and sharing how organisations have tackled the problems/opportunities, S&S has:

🧁Prolonged the life of the campaign with an asset that lives beyond the original event.
🧁Positioned the company as a thought leader by sharing new, rich insights.
🧁Created a valuable asset to follow up with future prospects.
🧁Differentiated itself within the market by demonstrating the value it has to offer.
🧁Supported its wider marketing tactics by having valuable content to link to.

“Since we started collaborating with Alice our marketing content has excelled. Her expertise, understanding of our audiences, and ability to produce outstanding work have helped to elevate our brand and messaging.

“As specialists in business transformation, we needed a copywriter who could grasp the intricacies of our services and effectively communicate them to diverse audiences. From the very beginning, Alice has demonstrated an incredible ability to comprehend our unique value propositions and tailor the messaging accordingly. 

“One of Alice’s standout qualities is her unwavering commitment to quality. Each piece of content she delivers is meticulously researched, concise, and impactful. What’s more, she makes sure the process of producing content is smooth and aligns with our overall marketing strategy.” 

Ricky Wallace, Head of Marketing at S&S


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