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Ghostwriting for SureCloud

SureCloud helps companies to connect the dots with integrated risk management solutions, enabling them to make better decisions and achieve their desired business outcomes.

To demonstrate thought leadership and generate enquiries, it created an integrated ‘drive to’ marketing campaign.

The activities were formed around a central infographic that SureCloud had created, which neatly highlighted the challenges associated with risk management. In addition, the Service Director was going to present a webinar that looked at how organisations could integrate business risk and IT risk.

To support its internal marketing efforts I created an 8-part blog series that explained the challenges in more detail, and how to mitigate each risk. With each blog by-lined to the Service Director, the purpose was to position him as a subject matter expert, backed up by the company’s wider expertise. And the ultimate call-to-action was driving towards getting people signed up to attend the webinar.

“Our sales and marketing efforts need the input of our subject matter experts to come across as credible. But securing time with them is always a challenge as they’re busy taking care of our clients and driving our business forward. Using Alice to ghost write the risk management series was incredibly effective. She spent an hour talking to our Service Director, asking the right questions to extract the relevant information, which enabled her to write the entire series. The end result accurately reflected his tone of voice, supported the wider marketing campaign, and came across as highly credible.”

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