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    My name is Catherine, and I specialise in education and technology copywriting, editing and marketing. I am a CIM-qualified former university Marketing & Communications Manager, turned freelance copywriter and editor. I write and proofread marketing materials and website content: • brochures • annual reports • blogs • prospectuses • case studies • website content • general promotional copy I have recently completed (with distinction) a diploma in copywriting from The Blackford Centre. Clients include: Xerini (software and AI technology company) British School Dhahran (Saudi Arabia) The London School of Economics and Political Science: • Department of Methodology • International Inequalities Institute • The Confucius Institute for Business London • Department of Government • LSE Careers • LSE Executive Education • LSE Data Science Institute I am a motivated, flexible & collaborative freelancer and I can help you keep to your deadlines and achieve your marketing goals, whether your business, university, college or school marketing project is large or small. Please take a look at my website for more information: *Testimonials* “Catherine worked with us to edit complex academic material into concise and accessible case studies, and the result was great! Catherine was quick to respond, friendly to work with, and produced excellent content. It’s been a pleasure working with her on this project.” — Maddie Giles, Communications and Events Manager, Department of Government, The London School of Economics and Political Science “I appreciated working with Catherine for her professionalism, quick turnaround and flexibility in working on our project!” — Martina Zuccarella, Executive Education Advisor and Community Manager | Confucius Institute for Business London

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    Over 10 years' experience in marketing with a focus on creating engaging content for digital platforms. I love to write content that shows off a business' personality and brings it to life. I've worked with a range of B2B businesses across social media, websites and blogs to make their offering clear and appealing to their clients.

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    Complicated product? Confused audience? I help people just like you. Whether you’re clear or somewhat muddy on what you need, I’m all ears. Let’s arrange a quick call so you can tell me more. Focusing on B2B (especially SaaS, software, tech, and cybersecurity), I support business owners and marketing heads. 🔸 Helping you understand your audience better 🔸 Creating compelling customer stories 🔸 Writing web copy from scratch or refreshing tired pages 🔸 Creating long-form articles 🔸 Writing nurturing email sequences. We start exactly where you need me. That might be helping with your strategy and customer insight or leaping straight into your copywriting. I’m a hands-on type of gal. Marketing qualified and after 23 years of running my own business, I’ve helped countless others communicate better – with great results. In fact, Cantaloupe was awarded Best Copywriting Services 2020 by SME News. You’ll get the right copy and additional support where it’s needed - on time and in budget. ⭐ It’ll be fun, friendly, and productive ⭐ I’m in Worcestershire, but don’t let that stop you. My clients have stretched from Aberdeen to Cornwall in the UK. Not to mention Australia and Ireland. Take a weight off your mind and get in touch. I’ll understand your copy frustrations and help you determine the right way forward to achieve the results you’re after. Email me: Phone me: 01886 502159

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    Contented Copy | Copywriting = Art + Science | Freelance Middleweight Copywriter | Compelling | Clear | Captivating | Creative | Converts I’m Tracy, a Gen X Geordie based in Dorset. If you want your copy to tick all the right boxes, then I’d love to help. I’ve crafted copy for big brands, SEO agencies, small start-ups, professional bloggers, and more. My clients are based in the UK, the US, Europe, Australia, and beyond. So switching between UK and US English is second nature to me. As is adapting the right tone of voice (TOV) to suit your target audience. Variety is the spice of my working life. I’ve written about everything from accountancy and clothing to food, music, and travel. Once you’ve penned a 200-word product description for a continence pad, you find that nothing really fazes you… I have over 5 years of professional copywriting under my belt, and it all began with my own blog. So you could say I know my way around WordPress and social media. Since then, I’ve written for all sorts of specialist websites, including a ton of travel sites, as well as many other commercial enterprises. In the business, I’m what we call a middleweight copywriter. Experienced enough to mean you’re in safe hands, yet fresh enough to ensure creativity and continuous learning. Here’s what I can do (and have already done for many contented clients): Draft press releases Publish regular blogs Hone your tone of voice Tell compelling MSN stories Put together engaging emails Find keywords for SEO purposes Pen product descriptions that pop Upload posts and pages to WordPress Create landing and sales pages that sell Perfect those social media profiles and posts Compose ads, brochures, leaflets and posters Write awesome long-form, fact-packed, well-researched articles As well as a whole lot more. I’ve even been known to write poetry and a novel in my spare time. My trio of blogs on food, music and travel also see me waxing lyrical about recipes for real life, the 80s and 90s music I grew up with, and the New Forest I’m lucky enough to live close to. What else? A few facts about me, perhaps. I’m a mum, I’ve been around the world twice, I’m an Australia-phile, and I have a lifelong obsession with INXS. (Especially the band’s erstwhile frontman.) I also have lexical-gustatory synaesthesia, which means that words and names have flavours for me. Well, it all makes the working day more interesting… How about you? If you don’t know what stop words are and why they matter, or how to hide keywords for both flow and SEO, then you don’t need to. All you should know is that I can create compelling, clear, and captivating copy that also converts. When you find writing content a real chore, I can save you time and stress. Words come naturally to me, which means two things. I love what I do - and I don’t waste any paid time when getting on with the task. Interested? Find out more about my rates, what I do, and my portfolio by visiting my website. Click the link below to visit No hidden charges here - you’ll find my current hourly rate right there on the homepage.

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    With over 30 years of expertise in creating engaging user experiences, I've delivered content and thought-leadership for the Cabinet Office, Metropolitan Police, Cancer Research UK, PwC and other clients.

    About me

    I'm a Senior Content Designer & Strategist with 30+ years' expertise spanning digital, print, and broadcast media. I have worked for blue chip clients such as the Cabinet Office, DWP, Metropolitan Police, PwC and Cancer Research UK.

    What I do
    • User-centric strategy: Crafting content that resonates, driving conversions and engagement.
    • Seamless journeys: Building intuitive end-to-end user experiences for trust and loyalty.
    • Data-driven impact: Leveraging analytics for targeted content and enhanced visibility.
    • Conversion focus: Designing compelling content for tangible actions and results.
    • Multi-platform proficiency: Tailoring content for diverse channels.
    Expertise & results
    • Turning complex processes into intuitive, user-friendly journeys.
    • Quoted in reputable publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, FT, Reuters and Investors' Chronicle.
    • Led impactful B2B and B2C projects.
    • Skilled in UX, SEO, service design, graphic design and more.
    What I can do for you
    • Engaging ad copy: Compelling ads and advertorials driving clicks and conversions.
    • Email campaigns: Nurturing leads, driving sales.
    • Content audit: Boosting visibility and user experience.
    • Persuasive website copy: Enhancing engagement and conversion.
    • Captivating product descriptions: Highlighting features and benefits.
    • Conversion-optimised landing pages: Encouraging action.
    • Impactful social media content and strategy: Amplifying brand presence.
    • Informative blog posts: Establishing authority, attracting traffic.
    • Compelling case studies: Demonstrating product/service effectiveness.
    • In-depth whitepapers: Showcasing industry expertise, generating leads.
    • Attention-grabbing press releases: Announcing news, events.
    • Effective video scripts: Conveying messages convincingly.
    • Concise brochure copy: Showcasing offerings persuasively.
    • Persuasive direct mail content: Driving offline engagement.
    • Comprehensive eBooks and guides: Educating and engaging.
    • Targeted PPC ad copy: Relevant and effective ad campaigns.
    • Sales collateral: Supporting sales with impactful materials.
    • Strategic content planning: Aligning content with brand goals.
    • SEO-optimised content: Enhancing search engine visibility.
    • Consistent brand messaging: Resonating with the audience.
    • TOV and style guides: Creating effective brand communication.
    • Training and coaching: Upskilling your in-house team.
    Let's connect

    Based in London and Narbonne in France, I'm ready to collaborate on your project. Let's chat!

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    I am a freelance editor and writer based in Bolton, UK. I specialise in writing about aerospace in all its forms. I won the Best Rotorcraft Submission at the 2021 Aerospace Media Awards. My clients include AIR International, Aviation News and Airports International magazines, and I've written about numerous aspects of the aerospace industry. In 2023 I edited 21st Century Airliners magazine. I'm available for all writing projects, from producing long-form features to blogs, web copy, press releases, brochures and advertorials. I have experience working on content for magazines, websites, agencies, events and individuals. Key skills: • Content creation • Editing • Communication • Able to work on own initiative • Teamwork and organisation • Meeting deadlines • Creative flair • Research

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    Need copy for your website, blog or marketing material that will help your brand to stand out and get your business the attention it deserves? Let me help. Anyone can write, but it takes an experienced copywriter to craft together words that demand attention and get results. I write copy for websites, promotional material, sales emails, social media posts, newsletters and more for brands of all shapes and sizes. EVERY BRAND IS UNIQUE There's no one size fits all strategy. I take the time to learn about your brand. I get to know its personality, identify what makes it different and then write engaging copy that will get you noticed. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL I understand the struggle to regularly write great copy and content for your brand. So I work with businesses that simply do not have the time or skills to do it. I write attention grabbing copy that will get them noticed, and I’d LOVE to help you too. Let’s connect. Get in touch today.

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    If you google ‘Jo Watson’, what pings to the top of the page is a link to one of the finest writers in the world. That writer is not me. I’m the next one down. Jo Watson - copywriter, trainer & mentor hired by people who want personality in their project. I'm also a columnist for Freelancer Magazine, and thanks to the good people at Fisher King Publishing, I'm also a published author. My book is called TOT ANALYSIS: Why Running Your Business is Child's Play. It's on shelves in shops. Under Business, Parenting, and Humour. Yes, really. I'm coming for you, other Jo Watson. I write, edit & create copy for anyone who has humour, decency & cash, but the service that my clients love most is my Sorted in 60® one-to-one offering. The logo is on my banner, and I bang on about it regularly in my posts. Feel free to check out my ®s as well as my rave reviews. Sorted in 60® sessions are bespoke to the needs of the savvy business owner, the conscientious career climber, or the one-man-band on a mission to do something brilliant. They're creative, collaborative, and truly transformational, and whatever you want from your copy, content, messaging, branding or comms, that’s exactly what we’ll work on together. With Sorted in 60®, you’ll either never need me again, or you’ll want to work with me forever. The cost? £305. At this point, you feel like you know me, love me, and are dying to work with me. But this is modern-day business, so I know what you're thinking: "Jo, what's your WHY in business?" Family? Abundance? Making a positive contribution? No. I'm exceptionally arrogant about my writing, and thrive off the adoration when people tell me how brilliant my work is. That's my why. That's what I want when you hire me. I have a Zoom-bombing cat called Barry, and an infant daughter (Lily), whose cutting turn of phrase leaves nobody in any doubt of whose child she is. I’ve got a really dark sense of humour and often make inappropriate jokes. In fact, it's one of many reasons I “left a stable career in teaching” (cheers, Mum). Despite the snazzy Chartered Manager letters after my name, I’m a lover of swearing, sarcasm and puns. Oh, and I love a good song lyric or movie quote*. Look out for those in your first draft. I make tea with the milk in first. Bring the hate. If you're still here but you're not smiling/ nodding along/ inhaling a breath of fresh air, don't DM me, because I'm not your girl. Otherwise, DM me, Sugar Tits. And yes, I CAN write you a beautiful bio as brilliant as this one. I won't call anyone Sugar Tits unless you absolutely want me to, though. *Step aside, homeschool... there's a new sheriff in town.

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    Copywriter and content strategist helping B2B businesses attract, engage and retain customers. I work with agencies, startups and B2B businesses of all sizes that want to take a strategic, conversion-focused approach to their messaging and content marketing. I can help with: - Web copy - Case studies - Blogs - Ebooks - White papers - Email copy - Content strategy

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    I write sassy, personality-packed content for businesses who want to stand out among a sea of AI-generated blandness. My trumpet-blowing words help you – yes, you! – attract raving fans and sell your stuff! Hit me up for web content, case studies, sales pages, newsletters, blogs, awards applications, articles.

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    Hi! I’m Jo, an experienced copy and content writer specialising in creating web copy, blogs, social media posts and emails for mums in business. I don't want to show my age, but I launched my writing career in the same year Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone! During that time, I’ve written and edited all sorts of content - from interviews with key stakeholders in the health and safety industry, to product descriptions for an adult toy website, and everything in between. As a parent, I know that some jobs always fall down the list of priorities because the kids come first. If refreshing your social media content or writing a regular blog have fallen down your to-do list - I can help. My freelance writing business, the Grammar Mamma, is all about helping fellow mums in business with their content writing needs. I've also worked with some big-name brands in the parenting sector - creating product descriptions, social media content and blog posts. When I'm not writing or reasoning with a toddler about why she can't wear wellies to bed, I enjoy eating out and I play cribbage in a local league. You can check out examples of my work in my online portfolio:

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    Freelance writer, copyeditor, and proofreader for the arts and creative industries. I also work as a poet and creative practitioner, based in Winchester, UK.

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