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    Hi, I’m Sue, and I can help you attract, engage, convert and retain your company’s ideal customers with website content that gets results. But I don’t do it alone. When you work with me, you work with my team of talented strategists, copywriters, content writers and designers at Full Height Copy. WHAT TYPES OF BUSINESS DO WE HELP? FHC works with small and medium enterprises in the UK, offering flexible packages with no tie-in. We recognise that businesses need to be able to scale their marketing efforts up and sometimes down to accommodate other financial demands. HOW DO WE HELP OUR CLIENTS? Since our launch in 2015, we have grown our writing, content strategy and campaign management services to cover every stage of the buyer's journey. We attract, engage, convert and retain our clients' prospects through: – Content strategy – Website copywriting – sales, product and landing pages – Blog writing and management – SEO management – Email newsletter management – Social media content – Content marketing – white papers, reports, case studies, infographics. INTERESTED TO KNOW MORE? We begin every project with a FREE strategy call, where we identify your marketing goals and the best means of achieving them using intelligent sales copy, engaging content and carefully designed campaigns. Read our latest blog article:

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    Freelance B2B technology copywriter — helping tech marketers and agency account managers add value by seamlessly delivering exceptional copy VAST EXPERIENCE I’ve been a business writer for almost three decades — as a journalist, agency head of content, and senior copywriter (most recently with Radix Communications). I specialise in interview-based, thought leadership content and long-form assets for technology brands, but also write in every format, for any business, across all B2B sectors. BIG TECH BRANDS I've written for SAP, Microsoft, Endava, Unit4, Snowflake, SUSE, Oracle, AWS, Deltek, Udemy, Advanced, IRIS, IFS, Trustpilot, Symantec, Google Cloud, NTT, and Royal HaskoningDHV. VALUE-ADDED SERVICES • Planning and ideation — working on a consultative basis to help plan content; suggesting new ideas, titles, synopses, and outlines (when needed) • SME interviews — sourcing fresh input for thought leadership content, case studies, and other high-value assets • Repurposing and atomising — spinning out large assets into smaller content formats for different funnel stages • Rewriting and merging — re-focusing and simplifying existing content, sometimes by merging and condensing multiple assets STRONG MARKETING OUTCOMES I focus on doing one thing well: seamlessly delivering exceptional copy. And I can help you add value to your organisation and client accounts by: • Raising copy quality • Making budgets go further • Increasing stakeholder satisfaction • Accelerating content production • Reducing everyone’s workload HOW CAN I HELP? I'm genuinely fascinated by how B2B technology enhances work and society, and I get a buzz out of bringing products to life. Wherever possible, I work with climate-conscious brands that fix industries and improve people's lives. Get in touch to learn how I can help you solve your content creation problems, delight stakeholders, and elevate your reputation. Thanks for reading. I look forward to meeting you 😎. (Portfolio and website coming soon.) Oh, and here are some kind words from Radix's Head of Copy, Matt Godfrey: "Craig responds to every brief with creativity, thoughtfulness, and a critical eye, and encourages and enables the people who work with him to do the same. His curiosity and proactive nature mean he’s always looking for ways to do things better, and he has a positive attitude that inspires others and makes him a valuable asset to any team." Thanks Matt (and the rest of the team), it's been a pleasure.

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    PUTTING YOUR WHY INTO WORDS I'm a freelance copywriter and editor specialising in corporate reports - annual, sustainability, ESG, DEI, gender pay, inclusion and any other type of report you care to publish. I've worked with universities as well as some of the world's biggest corporates. I love working with businesses and organisations who have something different to say and want to say it well. I don't just write reports - you can also reply on me for beautifully-written websites and case studies, landing pages, customer emails, blog posts, feature articles, sales leaflets and press releases. I don't just write pitch-perfect words - I can help with strategic input and wider comms planning as well. I'll drill down to the core of your product or service and extract the nugget of communications gold that will encourage people to sit up and take notice. I don't just create stuff - I improve it, too. If you need a copy editor or proofreader for anything from a press release to a self-published business book, just give me a shout. PSSTT.. want a freebie? I've created a couple of short e-books you might find interesting. 1. PRESS RELEASES: all you ever wanted to know 2. 28 of the web's sneakiest writing secrets Get in touch if you'd like a copy.

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    Elevated copywriting, PR & content for consumer brands. Whether it's refining your brand voice and messaging, creating ad campaigns or email marketing and social media, I can help your brand tell better stories that connect with and engage your ideal clients or customers. Services: - Brand development & strategy - Tone of Voice Development & Messaging - Copywriting - Advertising - PR Strategy & Support - Media Relations - Digital PR - Social Media - Email Marketing My clients include fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel & luxury automotive brands. Looking for creative storytelling that helps your customers connect with your brand? Drop me an email - and let's connect.

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    It happens faster than you can think. Quite literally... Before your conscious mind has had the chance to process the information in front of you, your subconscious has already made its calculations. In fact, cognitive scientists say ~95% of our behaviour, emotion, decision-making (and more) depend on brain activity beyond our conscious awareness. 95%! In other words, we're basically running on auto-pilot but use some convincing post-rationalisations to justify our actions... And in over 200,000 years, that's not really changed. We were (and still are) guided by behavioural principles and evolutionary instincts we're not aware of. The outcomes are different, yes - we're not fighting for survival anymore - but the drivers are still very much the same. And once you know what they are (and how to tap into them) influencing behaviour becomes a whole lot easier. You can do it in person, over the phone, online, in writing - it doesn't matter. It all works the same way. And you need it. Just like every other business. How are you going to generate leads... make sales... impress investors... grow your customer base... without it? Winning others to your way of thinking isn't a "nice-to-have". It's a must-have. Especially when it's paired with a product or service that your market is worse off without. In the written realm, the world of copywriting, you need to convince your reader that your product or service is worth the money they're about to pay for it. And, in essence, that's all persuasion is. Showing how good what you have is - and how bad it'll be without it. Push. Pull. Push. Pull. And any copywriter - heck *anyone* - can use that... But the devil is in the details. Just stating facts is too overt. Too obvious. (Think, when was the last time you bought something, knowing you were being persuaded?) Instead, you need to be subtle. Compelling. And slip in under the radar. You need to make your reader feel like they're making this decision themselves. And that's not something just "anyone" can do. Over 70 businesses across the UK have used me to help them win their market to their way of thinking. And I've done so through websites, landing pages, sales pages, emails and social media ads. Together, we've turned hesitant window shoppers into high-paying loyal customers, who not only want to take action... but enjoy coming back for more. Get what your business needs. Message me now. “Lewis is a great copywriter. He has worked on ads and landing pages for us, both delivering fantastic results. He is easy to work with, enjoys collaborating and is always honing his skills. Highly recommended.” -- Stephen Bavister, Director/Founder of LexisClick Growth Consultancy 5 (kinda weird) facts about me: - I like to eat kiwis with the skin on - I'm based near Ipswich, Suffolk - I graduated from Loughborough University with a degree in Automotive Materials Engineering - I'm on a mission to visit 50 countries before I'm 30 (I've visited 41 so far) - I'm a big fan of RHCP, especially John Frusciante

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    Here’s my key selling point. My bread-and-butter skillset. I like talking to people. No jargon, no waffle – just honest-to-goodness conversations about what you have to offer your client base. It’s an invaluable skill. Because if we can convey how beneficial – even transformative – your product or service is, in plain English that packs a punch, you’re on to a winner. Here’s the issue for you, though. Few people can write that adeptly. There’s a knack to turning industry spiel into lively, sparkling copy. See, I’m terrible at all sorts of things. Drawing. Cooking. Competitive sports. False modesty. I am, however, pretty darn good at expressing myself. Give me complex information and I’ll transform it into a reader-friendly blog, or press release, or homepage, or brochure. Maybe a white paper or ebook, if we’re feeling ambitious. Unlike an AI app, I can natter with an executive and instinctively work out what readers will like about their product. With a reporter’s doggedness, I’ll sniff out the information I need, then serve it to readers in a way that holds their attention. Heck, I’ll even throw in some well-placed jokes if you like. If you’re a SaaS business or fintech firm that’s reaching out to customers, for instance, or anyone in the market for case studies, white papers or a ghostwriter, then I’m ideal. The strange part is, I’m a physics graduate. Half of me’s precise and analytical, so I’m a diligent, methodical researcher with an eye for detail. Oh, and an information sponge. The other half, meanwhile, is a bit arty, a bit creative. I mean, I wrote an acclaimed book about Orwell that readers singled out for its jaunty prose. Mix these elements together and what do you get? More sales! Those wonderful conversions you dream about! Because who wants to trudge through boring content from a wordsmith with a “that’ll do” attitude? As a writer and editor, I’ve been intimately acquainted with brevity, clarity and accuracy for three decades now. A turning point came in 2010 when I joined CNBC Business magazine in London. When I wasn’t writing features, I was rewriting our international correspondents’ articles in colloquial English. More recently, I’ve used this skill to research and write advertorial supplements, executive interviews, thought leadership pieces, case studies and news stories for Elite Business magazine. Not to mention high-profile advertorial sites for CNBC! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s yack!

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    Hi, I’m Rachel. Your copy needs to work for you. So you need someone trained in writing – copywriting – and SEO (search engine optimisation). Someone who can take your ideas and turn them into creative, compelling content to have the impact you want. I take away all the stress, effort, and uncertainty and do the writing for you. Or I can teach you how to do it for yourself – properly. Grow your brand, get seen online, and give people a reason to trust you. Whether you want to attract more customers or increase brand loyalty, I can help you develop your strategy to raise your profile, prove your expertise in your market, and convey your message. I have a broad knowledge of companies, businesses and markets. I'm used to working in high pressure environments and to budgets and deadlines. You can read my own blogs on my website and on (a baking blog I have been writing since 2012). Please just ask if you would like to see any other examples of my work. Recent client projects have included website copy for a kitchen design comopany and a therapist, blogs on photography and food, and brochure copy for some trades. My clients cover a wide range of industries and sectors - if I can research it, I can write about it. Every month is different. I particularly love working on articles I can research and develop into structured, informative pieces. Please just get in touch for more information. Let's chat! * Blogs * SEO-friendly website copy * Case studies * Brochures * Features * Articles * Newsletters

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    Copywriting = Art + Science | Freelance Middleweight Copywriter | Compelling | Clear | Captivating | Creative | Converts | I’m Tracy, a Gen X Geordie based in Dorset. If you want your copy to tick all the right boxes, then I’d love to help. I’ve crafted copy for big brands, SEO agencies, small start-ups, professional bloggers, and more. My clients are based in the UK, the US, Europe, Australia, and beyond. So switching between UK and US English is second nature to me. As is adapting the right tone of voice (TOV) to suit your target audience. Variety is the spice of my working life. I’ve written about everything from accountancy and clothing to food, music, and travel. Once you’ve penned a 200-word product description for a continence pad, you find nothing really fazes you… I have over 5 years of professional copywriting under my belt, and it all began with my own blog. So you could say I know my way around WordPress and social media. Since then, I’ve written for all sorts of specialist websites, including a ton of travel sites, as well as many other commercial enterprises. In the business, I’m what we call a middleweight copywriter. Experienced enough to mean you’re in safe hands, yet fresh enough to ensure creativity and continuous learning. Here’s what I can do - and have already done for many contented clients: Update old content Draft press releases Publish regular blogs Hone your tone of voice Tell compelling MSN stories Put together engaging emails Give AI writing the human touch Find keywords for SEO purposes Pen product descriptions that pop Upload posts and pages to WordPress Create landing and sales pages that sell Perfect those social media profiles and posts Compose ads, brochures, leaflets, and posters Write awesome long-form, fact-packed, well-researched articles As well as a whole lot more. I’ve even been known to write poetry and a novel in my spare time. My trio of blogs on food, music, and travel also see me waxing lyrical about my own interests. What else? A few facts about me, perhaps. I’m a mum, I’ve been around the world twice, I’m an Australia-phile, and I have a lifelong obsession with INXS. (Especially the band’s erstwhile frontman.) I also have lexical-gustatory synaesthesia, which means that words and names have flavours for me. Well, it all makes the working day more interesting… How about you? If you don’t know what stop words are and why they matter, or how to hide keywords for both flow and SEO, then you don’t need to. All you should know is that I can create compelling, clear, and captivating copy that also converts. When you find writing content a real chore, I can save you time and stress. Words come naturally to me, which means two things. I love what I do - and I don’t waste any of the time you're paying for when getting on with the task. Interested? Find out more about my rates, what I do, and my portfolio by visiting my website. Click the link below to visit No hidden charges here - you’ll find my current hourly rate right there on the homepage. Thanks for stopping by, as our chums across the pond like to say ;)

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    With over 30 years of expertise in creating engaging user experiences, I've delivered content and thought-leadership for the Cabinet Office, Metropolitan Police, Cancer Research UK, PwC and other clients.About meI'm a Senior Content Designer & Strategist with 30+ years' expertise spanning digital, print, and broadcast media. I have worked for blue chip clients such as the Cabinet Office, DWP, Metropolitan Police, PwC and Cancer Research UK.What I doUser-centric strategy: Crafting content that resonates, driving conversions and engagement.Seamless journeys: Building intuitive end-to-end user experiences for trust and loyalty.Data-driven impact: Leveraging analytics for targeted content and enhanced visibility.Conversion focus: Designing compelling content for tangible actions and results.Multi-platform proficiency: Tailoring content for diverse channels.Expertise & resultsTurning complex processes into intuitive, user-friendly journeys.Quoted in reputable publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, FT, Reuters and Investors' Chronicle.Led impactful B2B and B2C projects.Skilled in UX, SEO, service design, graphic design and more.What I can do for youEngaging ad copy: Compelling ads and advertorials driving clicks and conversions.Email campaigns: Nurturing leads, driving sales.Content audit: Boosting visibility and user experience.Persuasive website copy: Enhancing engagement and conversion.Captivating product descriptions: Highlighting features and benefits.Conversion-optimised landing pages: Encouraging action.Impactful social media content and strategy: Amplifying brand presence.Informative blog posts: Establishing authority, attracting traffic.Compelling case studies: Demonstrating product/service effectiveness.In-depth whitepapers: Showcasing industry expertise, generating leads.Attention-grabbing press releases: Announcing news, events.Effective video scripts: Conveying messages convincingly.Concise brochure copy: Showcasing offerings persuasively.Persuasive direct mail content: Driving offline engagement.Comprehensive eBooks and guides: Educating and engaging.Targeted PPC ad copy: Relevant and effective ad campaigns.Sales collateral: Supporting sales with impactful materials.Strategic content planning: Aligning content with brand goals.SEO-optimised content: Enhancing search engine visibility.Consistent brand messaging: Resonating with the audience.TOV and style guides: Creating effective brand communication.Training and coaching: Upskilling your in-house team.Let's connectBased in London and Narbonne in France, I'm ready to collaborate on your project. Let's chat!

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    Bringing a journalist’s eye for detail, nuance and story to copywriting projects for clients in the property and interiors sector. I’m a specialist property and interiors copywriter creating copy for websites, brochures and blogs. Let me help you strengthen your connection with your customers, build brand authority and drive sales. With more than 20 years’ experience in the magazine, PR and copywriting industries, I am well placed to communicate your company’s unique message. I can create accessible, engaging copy that will resonate with your customers. My niche lies in the field of property and interiors, so most of my clients lie within these sectors. As a property copywriter, I write brochures for house builders, for example, and as an interiors copywriter I create blogs, web copy and product descriptions for interiors brands. I relish the chance to take on any topic and effectively communicate your company's message. The end result? Copy which will attract and retain new customers for your business or product. My professional writing services include: * Blogs * Website copy * Product descriptions * Press releases * Testimonials * Articles * Case studies * Social media posts * Tone of Voice Guidelines I’d love to hear more about your project. Do drop me a line to see how I could help. I'm based near Peterborough but work with both national and international clients via video call, phone and email.

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    ** Healthcare Copywriter ** Medical Copywriter ** Tech Copywriter ** Cybersecurity Copywriter ** Hi, I'm Dee - a senior copywriter, creative communications and campaigns consultant based in Kent, UK. I've been running Wicked Creative, my freelance business for over 9 years. I specialise in copywriting, content strategy and creative communications for medical/healthcare/pharma and tech/cyber brands, and work with clients both in the UK and around the world. That said, I don't limit myself to these industries and can apply my skill, knowledge and experience to any business or brand. Every business needs great, shareable content. From the words on your website to the blogs that demonstrate your knowledge and build relationships with your audience, I write what your business needs to get noticed. For my healthcare clients, I focus on turning complex and sensitive subjects and information into easily-digestible, informative and engaging content that can be understood by everyone. Whether you want to tell your business story, share important information or sell your product or service, I'm excited to provide the words you need. *What do I write?* Content comes in a variety of forms, including websites, blogs, LinkedIn posts, brochures, leaflets, press releases, YouTube video scripts, radio scripts, sales emails, value propositions, slide decks, awards submissions, whitepapers, tour descriptions or social media stories. Websites and blogs are my bread and butter, but I can write anything that needs words. I can write these as myself, or I can ghostwrite them on your behalf if you don't have the time or inclination to do them. *Who do I work with?* Although I have a varied copywriting background, I specialise in working with healthcare providers including: - research and diagnostic companies - dermatologists - surgeons, inc laparoscopic, bariatric, spine and orthopaedic - dentists and oral and maxillofacial surgeons - pharmaceutical companies - plastic surgeons - aesthetic clinics - chiropractors - ophthalmologists - patient transport providers - health charities (I have previously worked with The Heart Fund and The Follicular Lymphoma Foundation) - podiatrists - healthcare tech brands - health SaaS platforms I've also worked extensively with veterinarians, pet insurers and animal brands. However, I am happy to write anything that needs words, so whatever your industry, I'll take the best things about your business or organisation and bring them to life on paper or screen. Examples of my work are available on request, just drop me a message. *What do people say about me? "We required a brochure for our Patient Transport service and Dee kindly agreed to copy write for us. Dee is extremely knowledgeable and can take a service she doesn’t know, learn about it and then put pen to paper to deliver an outstanding piece of work. Dee is always on the prowl for information to ensure what she delivers is on point and that you are happy with what she has written, no job is too big or small for Dee, she is there to work with you and amendments, discussions and suggestions are not an issue, getting it right is her priority and she will go above and beyond to achieve the best for you". Sam Easy (Managing Director of EMA Patient Transport) "I commissioned Dee to write all of the website copy for our new website – ensuring it reflected our tone of voice, our brand positioning and was SEO copy. Dee immediately grasped our organisation and our objectives from the brief and delivered on time and to budget with copy that hit the nail! Dee also wrote our fundraising pack for us and again hit the nail in terms of brief and again delivered on time and to budget. The quality of the content produced and the style was spot on – I have no doubt that this will significantly help encourage supporters to fundraise for us and help increase income. Dee was an absolute pleasure to work with – responsive, positive, extremely knowledgeable and most importantly delivered the exact type of copywriting we needed. I would definitely use Dee again for any copywriting we needed. She has the ability to clearly understand a brief, an organisation’s tone of voice and requirements but also has the medical knowledge required and the ability to then translate this into layman’s terms for the audience." Caroline Lane ( Head of Marketing & Communications, The Follicular Lymphoma Foundation) I've worked with many of my ongoing clients providing consulting advice on their content strategy for traditional, digital and social media marketing. I've also worked alongside multiple new business start-ups to help them find the voice of their business, supporting this through well planned and executed content that is in line with their values and goals. Oh and I have professional indemnity insurance through Policybee too. I'd love to hear from you so please get in touch!

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    If you're looking for compelling, results-driven content please get in touch. Over the last 15 years I've partnered big brands, SMEs and startups, in industries ranging from Technology and SaaS, to Logistics and Travel. I'm also a qualified digital marketing practitioner and write content on the latest trends and best practices in this area. AGENCY COPYWRITER As well as working directly with clients, I've built up long-term relationships with many top digital marketing agencies, based in London and Europe. I continue to be a key contributor to large content-writing projects for their enterprise-level B2B, and B2C, clients. Examples of companies I've partnered with include Northern Railway (Arriva), MyHermes UK (Evri), Expedia, GoCardless, and BMI Healthcare. A Copywriter without Borders My clientele spans the UK, Europe, and beyond. No matter where you're located we can collaborate seamlessly, either virtually and face-to-face. Experienced in AI Content Optimisation AI content generation tools are emerging (and getting better) daily and can be an incredibly powerful force for good when used correctly. That's why I've invested in accredited training, equipping myself to harness and optimise content generated by cutting-edge tools like ChatGpt. What I Offer I provide competitive pricing, adaptable workloads to suit your business needs, swift turnarounds wherever possible, SEO-optimised content, comprehensive content management support, adept research and interviewing skills. Get in touch for in-depth whitepapers, engaging video scripts and walkthroughs, long-form content that resonates, high quality copy for websites and landing pages – banners, interstitial ads, all types of promotional advertising copy - and much, much, more. Client Testimonials Here's what some of my satisfied clients have to say: "A true professional, she delves into the heart of your project, crafting compelling copy for blog posts, web pages, and brochures. Whether it's a one-time project or an ongoing collaboration, I can't recommend her highly enough." - Richard Mawer (Ignite Growth) "I've had the pleasure of working with Thora in various roles, and she consistently delivers spot-on copy without the need for revisions. Thora's versatile writing can cater to any industry. If you're seeking a dependable, professional copywriter who delivers excellence every time, look no further." - Joanne Morley (formerly Head of Brand, Northern Railway) See My Work Explore my portfolio to experience my writing style and discover the diverse clients I've had the privilege to collaborate with. Don't forget to visit my website at for additional insights. Exclusive Samples Some of my content remains 'ghost-written' and can't be featured here. However, I'm happy to share relevant samples with you on request – just drop me a line. Let's Connect For an informal discussion about your content requirements, call me on +44 (0)7913659619 or drop me a quick message at Thank You for Your Interest If you've read this far, I appreciate your time and interest and look forward to hearing from you. 😊

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