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It happens faster than you can think. Quite literally...

Before your conscious mind has had the chance to process the information in front of you, your subconscious has already made its calculations.

In fact, cognitive scientists say ~95% of our behaviour, emotion, decision-making (and more) depend on brain activity beyond our conscious awareness. 95%!

In other words, we're basically running on auto-pilot but use some convincing post-rationalisations to justify our actions...

And in over 200,000 years, that's not really changed.

We were (and still are) guided by behavioural principles and evolutionary instincts we're not aware of.

The outcomes are different, yes - we're not fighting for survival anymore - but the drivers are still very much the same.

And once you know what they are (and how to tap into them) influencing behaviour becomes a whole lot easier.

You can do it in person, over the phone, online, in writing - it doesn't matter.

It all works the same way.

And you need it.

Just like every other business.

How are you going to generate leads... make sales... impress investors... grow your customer base... without it?

Winning others to your way of thinking isn't a "nice-to-have". It's a must-have.

Especially when it's paired with a product or service that your market is worse off without.

In the written realm, the world of copywriting, you need to convince your reader that your product or service is worth the money they're about to pay for it.

And, in essence, that's all persuasion is. Showing how good what you have is - and how bad it'll be without it. Push. Pull. Push. Pull.

And any copywriter - heck *anyone* - can use that...

But the devil is in the details. Just stating facts is too overt. Too obvious.

(Think, when was the last time you bought something, knowing you were being persuaded?)

Instead, you need to be subtle. Compelling. And slip in under the radar.

You need to make your reader feel like they're making this decision themselves.

And that's not something just "anyone" can do.

Over 70 businesses across the UK have used me to help them win their market to their way of thinking.

And I've done so through websites, landing pages, sales pages, emails and social media ads.

Together, we've turned hesitant window shoppers into high-paying loyal customers, who not only want to take action... but enjoy coming back for more.

Get what your business needs. Message me now.

“Lewis is a great copywriter. He has worked on ads and landing pages for us, both delivering fantastic results. He is easy to work with, enjoys collaborating and is always honing his skills. Highly recommended.”
-- Stephen Bavister, Director/Founder of LexisClick Growth Consultancy

5 (kinda odd) facts about me:
- I like to eat kiwis with the skin on
- I'm based near Ipswich, Suffolk
- I graduated from Loughborough University with a degree in Automotive Materials Engineering
- I'm on a mission to visit 50 countries before I'm 30 (I've visited 41 so far)
- I'm a big fan of RHCP, especially John Frusciante






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CopyHackers Conversion Copywriting: Seasonal Emails
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