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05 Dec 2022

Lorna Young – ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“Knowing that there’s no need to be constrained or defined by other people’s pigeon holes is a tremendously empowering mindset.”

21 Nov 2022

Jane Nizi – ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“Clients sometimes seem to think it’s magic or luck, but there’s actually a process to getting the voice right”

07 Nov 2022

Tessa Parry-Wingfield – ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“Befuddled briefs only lead to chaos”

31 Oct 2022

Meadhbh Hand ProCopywriters – Member Spotlight

“People say the most amazing and surprising things about topics that, on the surface, seem dull.”

17 Oct 2022

Fuschia Hutton — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“Go with your gut, even if it tells you the opposite of what the experts are saying”

10 Oct 2022

Ruth Sedar – ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“Listen. Be a big old information sponge. And then get stuck in and write the shit first draft.”

Hannah Cook, copywriter
26 Sep 2022

Hannah Cook – ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“I feel most proud when my work directly helps another small business owner to achieve something purposeful, and thrive.”

Laura Barritt, copywriter
05 Sep 2022

Laura Barritt – ProCopywriter Member Spotlight Revisited

“I get to write for people doing all kinds of weird and wonderful things, and picking their brains about what they do so I can bring it to life with words is loads of fun.”

22 Aug 2022

Tracy McIntosh – ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“Don’t be afraid to specialise if you’re passionate and knowledgeable about an area.”

08 Aug 2022

Alice Hollis – ProCopywriters Member Spotlight Revisited

“I read, learn, write, question and evolve everyday – and love every second of it”

01 Aug 2022

Paul Malone – ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“A certain level of inner pride comes with the job, knowing you’re trusted to write the words to help another business get sales.”

18 Jul 2022

Laura McNerlin – ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“I love the potential in a blank document.”

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