Member Spotlight

06 Sep 2021

Corinne Homer — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“Why go freelance to be bored?”

30 Aug 2021

Victoria Doxat — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“Running your own business is like having a baby. Everyone has an opinion but when it comes down to it, it’s your life and you’re the expert.”

16 Aug 2021

Joe Jeffries — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“I now take the view that all copy has a place – even the stuff we copywriters love to hate”

02 Aug 2021

Mike Clarke — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight Revisited

“I’m increasingly outsourcing the things I’m not good at/have no interest in getting good at – it’s a far more effective way of working!”

26 Jul 2021

Oliver Lea-Wilson — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“There’s something about boiling down a complex idea to a single sentence that’s so satisfying.”

19 Jul 2021

Liz Bell — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“Don’t use copy mill sites if you can help it – everyone finds it hard to get work at first, but I guarantee you’ll be better off tapping up your existing networks, including friends and family”

12 Jul 2021

Ed Prichard — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight Revisited

“Just saying a word like fandango or scintilla out loud gives me a lot of pleasure.”

05 Jul 2021

Jess Sutton — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“I love the stage where I’ve almost finished the first draft.”

21 Jun 2021

James Gillam — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“I love finding words that are not creating impact. They’re everywhere.”

14 Jun 2021

Lucy Banwell – ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“I love that feeling when I’m totally in the zone and the copy is flowing almost effortlessly.”

07 Jun 2021

Cat Roberts-Young — Member Spotlight Revisited

“You should never lose sight of the fact that your skills have a value. As does your time.”

31 May 2021

Melissa D’Anzieri — Member Spotlight

“Don’t take unsolicited advice from people who haven’t done it. You can do it!”

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