Member Spotlight

05 Aug 2019

Helen Johns — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“Don’t discount yourself and your accomplishments.”

29 Jul 2019

Sally Fox — Procopywriters Members Spotlight

“I’m a sucker for a good research session. Finding a unique angle or an interesting statistic to bring my writing to life is like striking gold.”

Gillian Jones, copywriter
22 Jul 2019

Gillian Jones — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight Revisited

“I do wish copywriters would be more honest when it’s hard. There’s an awful lot of embellishment and bravado in this business and I don’t think it does any harm to be more vulnerable in front of each other.”

08 Jul 2019

Sabine Harnau — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“My favourite work is creating those “aha” moments. Witnessing that millisecond when my client realises they’ve broken through to a new level of understanding how copy works — that’s truly magical.”

01 Jul 2019

Anna Gunning — Member Spotlight Revisited

“I love looking at the way copy flows, so the individual components combine to make the reader think and feel differently.”

24 Jun 2019

Word Monster — ProCopywriters Company Spotlight

“Choose a niche and make it yours.”

Claire Storrow, copywriter
17 Jun 2019

Claire Storrow — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“However language changes, and whatever falls in and out of the vernacular, writing should reflect how people speak.”

Jane Adams, copywriter
11 Jun 2019

Jane Adams – ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“Do some time in an agency if you can. I took a break from freelancing to work in a PR agency for a while and it really helped me to both raise my game in terms of work efficiency and realise my own worth commercially. “

Brian Jenner, Speechwriter
04 Jun 2019

Brian Jenner — Member Spotlight Revisited

“I left university wanting to become a journalist and writer. At 50, I’m a salesman with a passion for numbers. My young self would have been appalled.”

Andy Nattan, copywriter
27 May 2019

Andy Nattan — Member Spotlight Revisited

“If someone wants you to do something, they see value in it. If there’s value, there’s a fee.”

Matt Turner, copywriter
20 May 2019

Writers — ProCopywriters Company Spotlight

“Whatever we’re writing for, short or long form, it’s a real joy seeing ideas and words coming together – from the thinking to the structuring to the drafting to the crafting to the tweaking to sign-off.”

Claudia Benetello, copywriter
13 May 2019

Claudia Benetello — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“I love writing but hate editing. Writing is like falling in love, editing is like trying to make a relationship work!”

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