Member Spotlight

21 Nov 2016

Andrew Hyde

“Always strive for the best, but don’t let the perfect become the enemy of the good (as Voltaire almost said!)”

14 Nov 2016

Nigel Woollsey

“Make friends with other copywriters. They are a never-ending spring of knowledge, guidance, advice and support when you need it.”

07 Nov 2016

Paula Beaton

“Copywriters are continually learning and honing their craft; none of us know it all.”

31 Oct 2016

Simon Beasor

“Life is too short and your job takes up too much of that time to be doing something that bores you.”

24 Oct 2016

Graeme Piper

“Don’t undersell yourself. If you have the skills, you should be paid fairly for them.”

18 Oct 2016

Ettie Holland

“Writer’s block is an early symptom of burnout. Lack of creativity, lack of inspiration – they’re terminal for a writer.”

11 Oct 2016

Becky Matthews

“Throw yourself at it! Join meetup groups and talk to people. This was especially valuable advice when I was just starting out.”

03 Oct 2016

Philip Cooke

“Always get on the plane. Always go to where something might be waiting for you.”

26 Sep 2016

Mary Whitehouse

“My job is to translate the client’s thoughts into a message their audience will believe in and respond to.”

05 Sep 2016

Vicki Lovegrove-Fray

“You are not a tree. If you don’t like where you are, change it.”

31 Aug 2016

Beth Townsend

“Please don’t work for free. It is unlikely to lead to great things and you’re telling people your work has no monetary value.”

24 Aug 2016

Neil Barraclough

“Don’t marry a wimp. Having a partner who understands your ambitions is invaluable.”

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