28 Feb 2017

Black dogs and blue Mondays: freelancing and depression

How do you cope with depression when your livelihood relies on you being productive?

27 Feb 2017

Win a ticket to our Copywriting Conference and a Pro membership!

Enter our Twitter competition to win a Copywriting Conference ticket – and 1 year of Pro membership.

23 Feb 2017

Why free copy samples are terrible for copywriters and clients

Six reasons why free copy samples are bad for business.

21 Feb 2017

How other copywriters can support your freelance business

Anna Gunning suggests that your fellow copywriters are not just a source of support – they can also connect you to great clients.

20 Feb 2017

Do you have a plan Z in case freelancing doesn’t fly?

Joanna Brown suggests that freelancers should have a backup plan in case freelancing doesn’t work out.

20 Feb 2017

Book review – May I have your attention please? by Mish Slade

Short, snappy and upbeat, this book’s target audience is anyone suffering from Flat Copy Syndrome, and who wants to sound more human and engaging.

15 Feb 2017

Copywriting – the most fun you can have with two fingers?

Copywriter Trevor Barrett shares his reasons for loving his work.

13 Feb 2017

Rachel Ramsay

“In my experience, it’s your portfolio that potential clients are most interested in – they want to see concrete evidence of your copywriting skills.”

08 Feb 2017

Copywriting conference tickets on sale now

Book your ticket to PCN’s fourth Copywriting Conference in London this October.

06 Feb 2017

Jessica Neill

“Going for a walk helps to switch off the conscious mind so that dormant solutions can rise to the surface.”

06 Feb 2017

Why you need to rid your copy of ‘mystery meat’

Is your website clearly labelled, or are you serving users a load of mystery meat?

03 Feb 2017

5 lessons in year one as a freelance copywriter

Krysten Swindells shares her experience of starting her freelance copywriting career after maternity leave.

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